Will a Universal Remote Work on a Smart Television?

Yes, you can use a universal remote to control your smart television. A universal remote is a gadget that can operate a variety of different electronics. Universal remotes can interact with your smart television or any television and do tasks like changing the channel, altering the volume, and switching between various applications on your smart television. You can even operate other smart gadgets in your home if you have a more sophisticated universal remote.

Before using the universal remote on your smart television, there are various processes to follow. The first is identifying the program codes present in your user manual guide. See if it suits your universal remote if not, look for the remote that suits your television. Also, ensure you use the correct codes when connecting the universal remote to your television.

Fortunately, the information below answers whether it is suitable to use a universal remote on your smart television. Also, it shows the various types of the universal remote present, including universal hybrid remotes, Universal remotes with a hub and universal remotes premised on IR. It also shows the FAQs concerning the universal remote and smart television connection. Before buying the universal remote, review the article and understand the factors to consider to get the best universal remote.

Will a universal remote work on a smart TV?will a universal remote work on a smart tv

Smart televisions come with their own set of smart television remote controls that work with the gadget. But what if you misplace your smart remote or prefer to use another one, such as a universal remote? You can use a universal remote with smart television and can couple with it just as simple as the original remote that comes with it. To make their universal remote functional, clients only need to configure it to their television. Universal remotes can provide you with the same, if not more, capabilities than the smart remote that came with your television.

Models present for universal remote that functions as remote television controlModels present for universal remote that functions as remote television control

There are many kinds of universal remotes available, all of which can link to your smart television. Each remote presents a compelling capability model based on what you want to manage on your television with it. The following are the various forms of universal remotes:

i. Universal hybrid remotes

The functionality of both IR and hub-based remotes are present in hybrid remotes. Such smart television remote controls interconnect to a hub or task switcher and use both operating systems to operate hardware and software.

ii. Universal remotes premised on IR

The conventional form of control uses infrared technology. Such remote controls can only operate your cosy system, which is a television. That’s also because they do not have wireless connections such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities. Across all universal remotes, IR-based remotes are the most affordable.

iii. Universal remotes with a hub

Most remotes have wireless connection: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities and can interact with a hub with them. Remotes with a hub can normally operate both your cosy system centre, a television and other digital tools such as smart amplifiers and lights thermostats. When you compare them to standard IR-based universal remotes, hub-based universal remotes are more expensive.

A guide on how to programme a universal remote to a smart televisionA guide on how to programme a universal remote to a smart television

You can connect your smart television to universal remote control via direct code entry. Direct code entry is a means of connecting your universal remote to your smart television by inserting the program, that is, a code, which your smart television recognizes. You can find such code on a website page or on the codes sheet found in the manufacturer’s manual guide that comes with your smart television.

Here’s how to use direct code entry in your smart television to program your universal remote:

Step 1: Switch on your digital television.

Step 2: Keep the relevant “object” key pressed on your universal remote.

Step 3: While still pressing the “gadget” key, input the smart television’s code on the universal remote’s keypad when the buttons brighten up.

Step 4: If the switch on your universal remote illuminates and remains lit following this procedure, you have successfully programmed your universal remote to your smart television.

Step 5: If your universal remote still won’t code after completing this procedure, you can be using the incorrect code. Ensure you enter the correct code correctly the second time. If that doesn’t work, try again with the correct code. If the issue persists, seek help from the original manufacturer or the seller if he has experience.

Factors to consider when buying a universal remote on your smart televisionFactors to consider when buying a universal remote on your smart television.

 When buying a universal remote control, consider the following ideas;

  • Television model
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Specifications
  • Universal remote model.

Frequently asked questions:

  • With a smart television, why use a universal remote?

You can use several various capabilities on a smart television. The universal remotes provide streaming services, the internet, and other facilities. Because smart television can provide a variety of capabilities, you may require numerous remote controls. For instance, one for sound, one for wire, and another one for your streaming platforms.

  • Are there any drawbacks to using a smart universal remote control?

Smart universal remotes, except smart television you are connecting to home cameras, must not pose a security issue in the home. If you connect many devices in your house, the primary security issue is their internet connection such as data, WI-FI. Putting a smart universal remote to the equation must not make one of these other gadgets more vulnerable to hacking, particularly if you understand common home security guidelines and follow them effectively.


You can use universal remotes with smart televisions. Users may find purchasing a universal remote for their smart television is advantageous since it decreases the number of remote controls you require for your gadget. Ensure you are careful to discover which universal remote suits your desires and is appropriate, and then program it to your smart television so you can use it right away.

If you buy a universal smart remote, it will have some of the same drawbacks as a regular remote: it will require refilling regularly, you will be unable to pour beer soda on it, and you will likely lose it between the couch cushions. A smartphone-based smart remote is convenient because it is always with you. However, it has certain drawbacks: It won’t interact with your smart television unless it has an IR transmitter or other devices that use IR. And if you lose your smartphone, you will lose your global remote as well.

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