Vizio Soundbar Won’t Turn On (Easy Fix Now)

A Vizio soundbar comes with many different problems, and not turning it ON is one of those. You may be one of those with a Vizio soundbar that is not turning ON, and you may be thinking of replacing the unit. The Vizio soundbar not turning on results in some faults that you need to fix before the whole system fails to work.

But the problem can be cured with a bit of effort on your end, so you don’t need to buy a new Vizio soundbar or reach their support before trying some of the steps we are going to tell you. This type of issue is mainly seen when your Soundbar has been very old. Too old Vizio sound bars may not work even after following our steps. But there are many chances to get rid of this issue if your Soundbar is not 4 to 5 years old.

The article below shows a few ways that include how to solve the issue with soundbars not turning on. Take good care when carrying out the steps to avoid damaging some other parts of the system. After that are the frequently asked questions and finally the conclusion, which summarizes the whole guide.

Vizio Sound Bar Not Turning ONvizio sound bar won't turn on

There are a few steps you should try if your Vizio soundbar is also not turning ON. If it does not solve your problem, you should contact Vizio support, and they may guide you better according to the model of your Soundbar.

1. Check Power CableCheck Power Cable

It would be best if you start by checking the power cable. If the power cord is cut or has some other physical damages, your Soundbar will not turn ON. Sometimes, people unknowingly damage the power cable, which then stops working. They may roll over the chair on it, or it could have harmed them with their feet.

If you find it damaged, you should replace it. You can also replace it with any standard 24-volt power cord. If you see no physical damage, try testing it on another device or get a new one to test your Vizio soundbar.

2. Check the AC Outlet

The AC outlet your Soundbar is plugged in could also be damaged, which will stop your Vizio soundbar’s working. You can check this by plugging another device into the same outlet. You can also promote your Soundbar in another working outlet for testing.

3. Checking Connection

Make sure the power cord has firm connections on both ends. If it is loosely connected either in the outlet or Soundbar, it will not work correctly, and your Soundbar may not turn ON.

4. Reset Circuit Breaker

If there was a power surge in your home or multiple devices connected to the same outlet sharing the circuit breaker, the breaker might have tripped.

You should check and reset the breaker if anything such happened and fit even if you are unsure.

5. Signal Blocking

Every remote control has a range, and it does not work away from it. Even if some solid objects come between the small and Soundbar, they reduce the content or block the signals. Ensure there are no concrete objects between the remote and Soundbar and you are within the range. For testing your Soundbar, you should come as close as possible to your Soundbar.

6. Using Power Button

Almost all the Vizio soundbars have a power button on the top or left side of the Soundbar. It would help if you also tried turning your Soundbar ON from the power button. If your Soundbar turns ON with the power button, there may be an issue with the remote. It may be damaged, or its cells have drains.

7. Replacing Remote Batteries

Whether your Soundbar has a power button, it can be turned ON from the remote. But the remote should be functional. In most cases, batteries in the remote end up and for which your Soundbar does not turn ON. You should test your remote anywhere else if possible or change its batteries and make sure it is working correctly.

8. Reset SoundbarReset Soundbar

Sometimes settings get corrupted and prevent your Soundbar from turning ON. The problem is solved by resetting your Vizio soundbar.

If the solutions above fail to work for you and your Vizio soundbar still won’t turn ON, the last step is to contact Vizio sites that contain further information on the problem. They can guide you better according to your model of the Soundbar.

 Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the effects of failing to correct the issue when the Vizio soundbar is not turning on?

Soundbar failing to turn on is an issue where you can quickly check for the causes and correct them immediately. Failure to fix the problems can lead to further damages to the Soundbar that can be a loss to the user. Some of the effects include that the Soundbar can have damaged its internal components that will need replacement, the Soundbar can fail to work even if you solve the issues later, and finally, it will cause loss of income. Loss of income exists when the user will have to buy new replacement parts for the system that can be expensive and must pay for the replacement services.


The Vizio soundbar enhances the production of enough volumes of sound when using the speakers in a room. Sometimes the soundbars fail to turn on when the user wants to use them. There are many reasons for such cases, including a lack of power that an individual may assume when turning it on. However, the other reasons can be with the settings or faults with the Soundbar. The article above discusses the various ways of fixing the Vizio soundbar to make it look good.

Furthermore, follow the steps carefully when carrying out the troubleshooting process to avoid missing some steps that can make the process fail to work. If the measures fail to help you solve the Soundbar, consider consulting a technician to help you fix the problems accurately since there are some ideas that you fail to apply. Lastly, it is good to read the manufacturer’s manual to help you understand what to do when carrying out the troubleshooting process.

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