How to Turn Up Vizio Television Without Remote – Easy Ways

When losing their Vizio remote, most users get annoyed because they are limited to performing many things such as changing the volume of the television, changing channels, among others. Also, a lack of remote control may limit one from switching on the television. In such a situation, users may try looking for some options for turning on the television without the remote. There are two options that one can use.

There are various ways of turning on the television without a remote control. You can use the Vizio television physical buttons, or you can use the smart cast application. The Vizio television has physical buttons that allow you to turn on the television and perform other functions, such as increasing or decreasing the television volume. For the smart cast application, you need an internet connection to connect the television to your smartphone and operate the television using the phone. The internet connection includes WIFI or data.

Luckily, the article below describes the two ways of turning on the television without the remote control. The steps are easy to follow, and they are successful as long as you follow them carefully. First, it summarizes how to switch on the Vizio television using the smart cast application. Then it summarizes a step-by-step guide of using physical buttons present in the Vizio television. Therefore, ensure you follow them carefully to switch on your Vizio television.

Ways of turning on the Vizio television without a remote controlhow to turn up vizio tv without remote

You can use two methods to turn on your Vizio television if you don’t have a remote control or if the remote control fails to function. The methods include;

  1.     Using the Vizio television buttons.
  2.     Connecting the Vizio television to the recommended smartphone application.

Method 1: using Vizio television buttonsusing Vizio television buttons

There are physical buttons on the Vizio television if the power On & Off button on your Vizio TV remote isn’t working. The physical power on/off button will enable you to turn on the television before repairing the remote control in the meantime. It is important to use the television batteries carefully to avoid damaging them. The following steps guide on how to use the Vizio television buttons without any difficulties.

Step 1: Find the position of the television buttons

First, figure out where the Vizio television buttons are positioned. The location may vary depending on the model; therefore, refer to the manufacturer’s manual to guide you on the position of the buttons. The power on and off Vizio television button is usually on the backside of the television, at the bottom right or left corner.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate power on and off button

More buttons for volume control, channel control, input change, and switch input buttons, among other things, can be found here. If you lose your Vizio TV remote, you can utilize these buttons to operate or access menu functions. You can utilize these dedicated buttons until you get a new Vizio TV remote. Choose the power button and press it to turn on your vision television. Ensure you select the correct button since there are many physical television buttons present.

Step 3: Touch the power button

To switch on your Vizio television, touch the power button identified gently until your television switches on. If the television fails to turn on, check the power supply source and ensure continuous power and the switch are correct. Also, check the condition of the buttons if they are still functional. If not, fix them first before using them. You may also press the button to switch the television off after watching your favorite movie, music, or news.

Method 2 : Connecting your Vizio television to a smartphone and using an applicationConnecting your Vizio television to a smartphone and using an application

Vizio televisions are among the most well-known brands in the smart TV market and are well-known for their advanced features. Vizio Televisions, like other Android smart TVs, includes its smartphone application for remote control and management. Users can control their Vizio TV without using a remote with the help of this official software. Users may also manage the volume and access the TV menu section without using the remote control or in case the remote control is faulty. To use the Vizio smartphone application, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Connect the television and the smartphone to WIFI

First, ensure both devices are compatible and support the WIFI feature by checking the WIFI feature. Enable the same WIFI on both your TV and your mobile phone before using the Vizio SmartCast app for television. Ensure there is an internet connection to complete the process, and in case it is not available or fails to connect, contact the internet service providers to activate your internet.

Step 2: Install the Vizio smart cast smartphone application

On your smartphone, download and install the VIZIO Smart Cast Mobile app after connecting the phone to the internet. Launch the application after downloading it successfully. You may either sign in or skip this section.

Step 3: Select the menu settings after navigating the application

Now press the menu button and scroll up the screen to see all settings present. Pick the “set a new device setting” after navigating from the drop-down menu. Ensure you choose the correct settings to get accurate results.

Step 4: Pair both devices

From the welcome screen, touch “get started” >> choose your desired “language” >> and tap “pair your device display” from the new window. To begin pairing with your Smart TV, position your smartphone near the television, that is, at the right corner of the Vizio TV, near the bottom. Your phone will now display the “Vizio remote layout.” To turn on your TV, press the Power button. You can easily control many other Vizio TV functions with the smartphone app.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What alternatives can I use to change the volume of my Vizio television if I don’t have a remote control?

There are several methods you can use to control the television volume if you don’t have any remote control, and they include the following;

  1. Use physical buttons present in the television.
  2. Connect the television to your smartphone and use the smartphone as the remote.
  3. Also, you can buy another remote that suits your Vizio television model.


Therefore, if your Vizio remote malfunctions or get lost, there are two alternatives you can use to turn on your Vizio television without any difficulties. First, follow the steps of connecting your television to your smartphone. Download and install the smart cast application on your phone and connect the application to your Vizio television. Use the smartphone to turn on your television and control the volume of the television. Also, you can use the physical buttons present in the television to regulate volume and switch on your television.

Using the two methods in the article, you are a step ahead of switching on the television without seeking help from a technician. When using your Vizio television, it is advisable to clean the screen often and remove any accumulated dust. Follow the manufacturer’s manual on how to service your television. Also, seek help in case of any problem. Finally, keep your television away from small children as they may damage it. 

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