Samsung Surround Sound Wireless Rear Speakers Not Working

As electronic device owners, anything can happen, especially a Samsung surround wireless rear speaker failing to work. Wireless connections are always impressive as it spares you from using long follow-ups of cables. You are enjoying your music or favorite TV shows, and suddenly, the speakers stop working.

This situation is hectic, but since you are not the first person to encounter the issue, it’s possible to fix it. I know you will be stuck making decisions on the first action, but all will be in vain without skills. Our article has got your back as you will get useful information to pin down the challenge.

Some of the useful knowledge you expect to meet in our article are the reasons there’s no sound from your Samsung surround sound wireless rears speakers. You will also understand the meaning of a surround system unit, fixing the issue, and some frequently asked questions.

Understanding surround sound systemsUnderstanding surround sound systems

These systems are sound devices associated with several speakers paired to your TV, equipping you with rich sound. You will enjoy the high-grade sound from different angles, subjecting you to the movie theater environment.

Most of these sound systems will come with not less than five speakers and a subwoofer. They work hand in hand to equip you with a booming and deep bass that rolls the floorboards. The sound is also more subtle, just like in a movie theater.

Reasons for Samsung surround sound wireless rear speakers not working problemReasons for Samsung surround sound wireless rear speakers not working problem

Wireless speakers in surround sound systems can be extended up to Q70t, but sometimes this might turn to be a nightmare when there are issues like;

  • The firmware might be outdated
  • Outdated software of your surround sound unit
  • There might be disconnected power leads
  • Maybe the speakers are finding troubles due to obstacles like wardrobes
  • Long-distance past Q70t

For an easy fix, you should therefore make sure your speakers are within a recommendable distance, free of obstacles, and confirm whether the cable’s power cable is disconnected from the Subwoofer. But if the problem is emanating from firmware or software, I would urge you to follow this step;

Troubleshooting no sound from Samsung surround wireless speakers

You power off your TV, and when you come back in the evening, the soundbar speakers fail to produce sound. It turns on yes, but you get no sound. Below are some of the possible culprits and their fixes;

1. Firmware updatesamsung surround sound wireless rear speakers not working

Updating the firmware can be the best solution to such an issue. To achieve this, relinking the speakers is necessary. Under this section, you are supposed to remove any power lead from your Subwoofer or soundbar.

After doing so, the next thing will be to reconnect the lead’s incorrect order, i.e., Rear Right to the soundbar and the Rear Left to the Subwoofer.

The last step will be to pair your wireless rear speakers. If this is the issue, the problem will be tackled.

2. Upgrading your SoundbarUpgrading your Soundbar

Updating your soundbar could make the speakers produce sound again. We have two approaches that can be used to achieve this, i.e., using the Wi-Fi or USB downloaded application. All this works for you, but it depends on your preference.

a. Updating your soundbar via the network

The first step under this section is to connect your soundbar to a network through the SmartThings app. You can easily download this app for iOS or Android.

Install the app on your device and then open it. Next, select your soundbar to take you straight to the control menu. Next, click on the three vertical dots situated at the right-top edge of the display.

Choose information and if the firmware is compatible, go on with the update process. However, in situations where the firmware is below the recommended one, I urge you to tap on the “Firm Update” function. Don’t navigate to the next step; give enough time to the system to update.

b. Using a USB-installed app to update your soundbar

Under this option, you are required to use a newly downloaded firmware installed on your computer. Since the folder is zipped, unzip it and then copy it to your USB stick. Remember, you should avoid placing the app folder inside a normal folder.

Now, boot your soundbar before injecting the USB drive. Next, locate where the service port is and do the necessary. After inserting the USB, the update process will automatically pick. Wait for two cycles, and the system will reboot itself.

3. Upgrading your rear speakers and SubwooferUpgrading your rear speakers and Subwoofer

Now that you’ve updated the soundbar, the next thing will be to update its rear speakers’ and subwoofer firmware. To achieve this, you should start your soundbar and wait for something like five minutes before pressing any remote key.

You want to be sure that its screen is lit. Now, tap on the Down key and hold it for a few seconds until you see the “UPDATE” function. During the process, the unit will display Update>Bye>On. Then, your Subwoofer will restart, and the speaker’s firmware will be updated.


  • Can I fix Samsung surround sound wireless rear speakers not working?

Of course, yes, we have some minor issues that you can easily work on. Though some might be beyond your skills, the article should help you do that. Updating the firmware might seem complicated, but with the right apps and this guide, everything will be a breeze.

  • Why are the rear speakers of my SWA-8000S not working?

The system is on, but you get no sound? Disconnect your device from power and then reconnect it after a few minutes. However, this might be an indicator of a growing problem. Be careful and make sure the firmware is up-to-date.

Final thoughts

Electronic devices shouldn’t stress you anymore; you need to enjoy rich entertainment and not regret it. However, problems are accidental, and if you experience them, you will know where repair shops are. To spare you from such hassles, this article samples dependable guides that can help you diagnose issues with your Samsung surround sound wireless rear speakers, enabling them to produce sound again.

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