How to Raise TV Above Soundbar?-Step by Step Guide

Sound bar is a speaker that produces volume of high quality without occupying great capacity and any complexions. Sound bars exist in different form and some contain separate subwoofer that produce a lot of base. Deep base in most cases contribute and improve the music and series volume and voice quality. Raising a TV above the soundbar is essential in improving volume quality.

Television is an essential home electronic equipment that provide entertainment and news updates. It is usually mounted at the center to avoid discomforts such as neck pains that result from too much stretching when watching. Therefore, it is advisable to position your Television in a suitable location and raise it above the soundbar to improve sound and volume quality.

Steps on how to raise TV above the soundbarhow to raise tv above soundbar

Raising television above the sound bar requires a sound bar stand. Also, other recommended equipment for raising Television above soundbar include; Samsung sound bar holders, support to sound bar, sound bar holder, among others. Television raising depends on the type of television and sound bar model where some sound bars can be placed below the Television while others are placed above the television.

The following reasons show why it is essential to place Television above sound bar;

  • Easy use of the remote sensor. Mounting television above the sound bar negates remote sensor blockage issues thus increasing the accuracy of using the television remote sensors. Easy use of remote sensors prevents one from continuously moving to and from television when changing channels.
  • Prevents television from children and pets damaging them. If the television is low, it is easily accessed by both kids and pets. Kids and pets alter the proper functioning of the television therefore increasing repairing costs.
  • Provides better viewing space. If the coaches you are using are higher than the television stands, it will be difficult to watch the television unless sitting near the television. In such scenarios, it is advisable to position the television above the sound bar.
  • Depending on the type of television, some televisions have upward-lifting speakers. If you position the television below the sound bar, low quality sound is produced when watching movies and playing music. Further, ensure you raise the television to the recommended height, not near the ceiling.

On raising the Television above the sound bar, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Gather all equipment necessary for raising the televisionGather all equipment necessary for raising the television

Materials required include; table or stand, cabinet, or any other material recommended by the television manufacturer. Ensure you use the correct materials to avoid damaging the television and the subwoofer. For instance, if you have a Samsung television, consider using a Samsung sound bar holder. Also, consider using a sound bar holder that matches and suits the television. The larger the television, the larger the sound bar required to lift the television.

Step 2: Remove the television stand

First, disconnect the television and place it carefully on the stated materials to avoid damaging it. For instance, you can use magazines or any other material recommended by the manufacturer. After removing the television, disconnect the television stand from its current position.

Step 3: Add weight to the sound bar stand

After successfully removing the sound bar stand and the television, add height to the sound bar stand. Height is added using recommended materials such as bricks, or any recommended mounting materials. Before adding height to the sound bar, choose the best height that matches your preference. Ensure the height is suitable and the television can be easily viewed by everyone at home including children.

Step 4: Clean the television mounting place

After successfully identifying the position, clean the surface that you have chosen for raising your television. Ensure the place is spotlessly clean before mounting the television if it is on the wall.

Step 5: Place the raised sound bar standPlace the raised sound bar stand

If you are using a sound bar stand, gently position the stand on the raised area but, if you are mounting the television directly on the wall, proceed to the next mounting step. Moreover, remember to hold the sound bar stand carefully to avoid damaging the stand. In addition to that, ensure the stand used is of high quality and is strong enough to withstand the height of the television hence protecting the television from falling off and breaking or cracking.

Step 6: Mount the television in the recommended place

After positioning the television sound bar stand, position the television and mount it firmly either on the stand or on the wall to prevent the television from falling off. Ensure you place the television in the recommended height.

Step 7: Adjust the television

If the television height does not match your preference, adjust it until the recommended height is achieved. Finally, it is advisable to hold all equipment with a lot of care to avoid damaging them such as breaking the television.

Step 8: Connect the television to the power sourceConnect the television to the power source

After raising and mounting the television above the sound bar, connect the television to the power source and turn on the switch. Switch on the television to see if it is functioning properly and if the height is suitable for everyone in the house.

Ensure the correct television cable is used to avoid blowing the whole television. Further, ensure you have correctly wired all television wires as stated in the manufacturer’s instructions and finally, contact a professional to help you raise the television above the sound bar if you are unable to raise the television.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the disadvantages of positioning television above the sound bar?

Despite the many advantages of placing television above the sound bar, there are also cons. The cons include;

  1. Neck straining if the television is raised more, for example, near the ceiling. Neck straining can result in the development of neck pains such as whiplash.
  2. Difficult wiring of cables. Sound bars exist in wired or wireless form and if you are using wired sound bars, it is difficult to connect the television wires to the power source.
  3. More mounting needed especially when mounting on the wall.


When raising the television, consider the following; make sure the television is near the power source, position the television on recommended equipment and avoid placing wireless electronic equipment near the television. Further, ensure you align your television perfectly.

If you want to raise your television above the sound bar, follow the steps mentioned above to obtain accurate results. Finally, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions when raising the television to avoid damaging it. Further, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions when necessary.

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