Ps3 Won’t Connect to the Internet? [Fix in a Day]

Immediately after upgrading my PS3’s firmware, it isn’t easy to connect it to the internet. You may be tempted to factory reset your device several times and even utilize various Ethernet cables, but all in vain. Finally, you may start asking yourself if it’s a hardware problem and how to handle it.

Since reading this article, I want to assure you that such challenges are manageable and shouldn’t stress you anymore. Our main aim is to teach you how to do that and restore the normalcy of your PS3. Connecting a PS3 to the internet can allow you to enjoy that wireless experience.

This article will take you through the troubleshooting processes of various challenges and offer possible solutions. You need to understand that linking your PS3   to any wireless network comes with many benefits than physical plugging. Stay tuned for this educational article.

Troubleshooting PS3 internet connection problemsps3 won't connect to internet

As much as we love wireless connections, this way is associated with complications compared to wired connections. However, if you are finding troubles with your device when connecting to the internet, maybe you should try following the following fixes;

Items you must have

A modem

Wireless router

An Ethernet cable

Solution #1: Confirm the model number of your PS3. I thought you should know that 20GB models don’t come with a wireless adapter. This, therefore, denies them a chance to connect to any wireless network. Such a device won’t connect to the internet by itself.

Solution #2: Use a different computer. Suppose you have another computer. Try using the PS3 on it and observe the behavior. Inspect whether your connection is in good working condition via the other computer around your house. Doing so is necessary because the complication might be emanating from the internet connection and not the PS3.

Solution #3: Properly plug your wireless router into the modem. Locate where the internet or WAN port is on the wireless router and plug in the Ethernet cable. However, if you use a wireless router or modem, this action doesn’t apply to you.

Solution #3: Disengage the media server connection of your PlayStation 3. Navigate through the main menu and then go straight to the “settings.” Toggle through the “Network settings and then choose “Medial Server Connection.” Select “Disable.” This solution will solve whatever issue is hindering your PS3 from connecting to the internet. If it fails, continue reading the article.

Solution #4: Disconnect all USB devices attached to the modem. Under this section, you are supposed to detach the power cables of the wireless router and the modem. Give them something like three minutes before plugging them back.

Solution #5: Recheck your home network’s name. Whenever you try to connect your PS3 to the internet, it has a wrong digit or letter; it will not pair. This means that it’s always necessary to recheck the initial password you used when pairing the network. Any wrong digit will prevent the device from connecting to the internet.

Solution #6: Switch some fluorescent bulbs, cordless phones, microwaves, radios, or computer monitors. These devices are famous for producing radio waves that hinder your PS3 from connecting to the internet.

 If there’s none of the above devices close to your PS3, try bringing the PlayStation 3 near the wireless router. This step should come last, although the internet connection is rarely affected by it. If this doesn’t work, maybe it is time to check for a DLNA error.

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Digital Living Network Alliance errorDigital Living Network Alliance error

This might be another victim that is making your PS3 unable to pair with the network. DLNA is responsible for allowing you to play music or watch videos from any devices linked via the network like a computer. However, sometimes you might be unable to connect PS3 to the internet, yet the DLINA is allowed on the device. Don’t worry; follow these steps to work on the error;

Step #1: Check the network cables. You need to make sure that whatever you choose to use as a DLNA server should be attached to the router properly.

Step #2: Scrutinize your router’s signal. You can easily achieve this by accessing the router software. Remember, a wireless signal has to operate within the 802.11b/g network.

Step #3: Restart the DLNA media server item. The next thing will be to restart the DLNA server device before disconnecting your router or modem. Wait for something like five minutes and then reattach the devices to reboot them.

Step #4: Disengaging your DLNA on the PS3. This step comes last and involves disallowing the DLNA on the PlayStation 3 when the above three steps fail. To achieve this, you should follow this simple procedure;

  1. Go to “settings.”
  2. Tap on the “Network settings” from the menu
  3. Tap on the “X” function on the controller.
  4. Choose “Media Server Connection” and then tap on the “X” button again.
  5. Select the “Disable” function, followed by the “X” option.

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  • What is the location of internet connection settings in my PlayStation 3?

This means wireless connection, and you will find it on PS3 items. They are enriched with a wireless LAN mechanism. You should therefore create an approach to connect the device to the internet. You need to understand that wireless connection settings are different based on your residential network and the electronics in operation.

  • Can I fix my PS3 that won’t connect to the internet problem?

Of course, yes, our article is clear enough and full of useful information to help you fix this issue. You start by diagnosing some minor issues before initiating the DLNA configuration test.

Final thoughts

Let’s wind up our discussion by saying that the wireless connection shouldn’t be strenuous like a wired one. From the above information, you can realize that wireless connection is mostly associated with some constraints compared to a wired one, but our article has tried to equip you with some useful knowledge on how to identify network connection problems with your PS3.

Thank God a good number of these issues can be easily identified and solved.

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