How to Play Cds in Newer Cars Without a CD Player-You Need to Know

A CD is a short form of a compact disk that you insert into a CD player to play audio, while a CD player is a device that you use to play audio via the compact disk. For example, in the olden days, CD player in cars is used for playing CDs since you insert your CD into the CD player, detecting the CD and interpreting it to play music. However, these days, most cars do not have a CD player to play music, and instead, they are in a way that you connect your music device to the car via Bluetooth.

Most people prefer listening to music while carrying out other activities in their car. Therefore, one needs to understand how to fix the CD when the CD player is not available to meet your satisfaction in your car. Moreover, due to the technology change, car components keep changing now and then. In that, manufacturers keep evolving from the analog world to the digital world, where people rarely use CDs as better ways like the use of USBs is in use and the idea of Bluetooth connection is existing.

Ways of playing CDs in newer cars without a CD playerhow to play cds in newer cars without cd player

Different methods help fix CDs if your car lacks the CD player; this is because the upcoming technology keeps on inventing new modes of making cars that decide to make cars without CD players. Therefore, playing CDs in newer cars without a CD player not only helps manufacturers save their time in the process of manufacturing and helps a user be compatible with their car’s system. The following methods with their steps respectively can help you fix the problem:

Method 1: Use of the frequency modulator and portable CD playerUse of the frequency modulator and portable CD player

The easiest way of playing CDs in a car without a CD player is by using a portable CD player to connect with the new car using the frequency modulator. The following are steps shows how to use a frequency modulator and portable CD player:

  • Provide the system of the car with power

To provide the system of the car with power, turn on the engine of the car. Then, connect the frequency modulator in the car carefully, following the instructions of the frequency modulator on where to connect it from to the car. The frequency modulator is a manual device that automatically shows that this is the exact point of plugging it into the car.

  • Put on the portable CD player

After inserting the portable CD player into the car, turn it on by following the directives recommended, and then insert the CD of your desire. After fixing the CD player, the frequency modulators give you options to choose a specific channel of your choice to play music on the CD player.

Method 2: Use the cassette tape adapter and a portable CD playerUse the cassette tape adapter and a portable CD player

a. Connect the cassette tape adapter to the cars 

Gently insert the cassette tape adapter into the car using one end of the adapter, then connect the other end to the portable CD adapter, and this terminates the connection between the car and the CD player since the car has a tape that the cassette will connect to the car. Ensure both terminals perfectly match. When using cassette tape, ensure you choose a cassette tape adapter that fits your car.

b. Put on the car’s system and the portable CD player

Turning on the car’s system and the portable CD player. After turning, the CD player puts a CD of your choice into it and starts playing music with it, and this method is easy since it contains a few straightforward steps to guide you to fix your CD player if you want to use a CD to play music. While using a portable CD player in your car system, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Why does the new car lack CD players?

New cars lack CD players because of the upcoming technology that manufacturers make cars that use digital devices like USB for music or by connecting the car’s system with the phone via Bluetooth. In addition, the new cars lack CD players because manufacturers argue that they are easy to make and use.

  • Are there other ways one can listen to music apart from them using a CD player?

You can opt to use many ways to listen to music in your car without the CD player. One way is to play music directly from the music sites using the car system, stream live music. Another way is by connecting your phone to the car’s speaker via Bluetooth or by using a cable that can connect a phone and the speaker for communication. The other way is by using a USB device to load the songs you want to listen to in your car then insert them into the speaker of the car using a particular port, the USB port.

  • Can one connect a CD player to a car without a CD player?

In this case, you should follow the sequence of steps, which is even easier for any individual since it requires less time to do this. Yes, you can connect a CD player into your car if it does not have it and play music with it. You can also use the methods in the article above to fix your CD player into your car if necessary.


The article above gives us precise details on how to solve the problem in our cars that lack the CD player as you want to use the CD to play music. The only thing it will cost you to fix the CD player in your car is that you will have to buy a new portable CD player and cassette adapter as used in methods one and two above.

It is important to you that you have many technical skills to carry out the activity above, as you should have an idea about CDs to give you the courage to modify your car without tension that you can spoil in one way. Therefore, I hope this article will help you solve CD problems in your car if you encounter them.

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