Panasonic Viera Hdmi Not Working -Should I Replace the Hdmi Slot?

Operating with a Panasonic Viera TV with a faulty HDMI can be challenging; you may even start thinking the world is ending. I know the first action you would wish to take is taking the device to the nearest repair shop for diagnosis. With such a problem, you will start asking yourself questions like, “should I replace the HDMI slot of my Panasonic Viera?” Yes, changing the HDMI slot can be the best way to go.

Since you are reading this article, everything you want to know shall be provided to you. It’s possible to replace the HDMI slot, but you must substitute the entire board because it’s mounted on the motherboard. After going through this article, you will be able to get all the answers.

Our article will cover some useful content like why you may experience problems with the HDMI slot of your TV, how to pin them down, and how we can replace the entire board.

Why do I have a faulty HDMI?Why do I have a faulty HDMI

Connecting your devices should be easier with the help of a single HDMI cable. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for audio or video; this way is the best for quality viewing. However, to achieve this connectivity, all the devices you intend to link together should be compatible, ready to respond to each other.

With the help of HDCP, the art of one device to identify and communicate with another device is popularly known as “HDMI Handshake.” Unfortunately, on occasions where the handshake fails, it implies that any connected device doesn’t diagnose your TV’s HDCP encryption on the HDMI.

Therefore, that’s when you will start facing hassles whenever you plan to watch your favorite movies.

 Fixing connection problems associated with HDMIpanasonic viera hdmi not working

Before you even think of substituting the real HDMI slot, how about diagnosing minor problems? Of course, we have issues that you can scrutinize and work on immediately. Follow these steps to configure and correct HDMI issues;

Solution #1: Ensure the cable connections are okay

The first action is to inspect the entire cable and ensure it’s fitted firmly at either end. These cables might pop out sometimes because they aren’t held tightly like a component video connection. If you experience such a case, the best solution is to self-locking HDMI cables or buying the best HDMI cable locks.

Solution #2: Change the turn-on sequence

Maybe it’s your habit to start powering the TV on before other devices. Now, how about starting with these subordinate devices before the Television? In situations where you own multiple HDMI components, power them on one at a time.

If you’re lucky, this step could solve your issue, jot down the sequence for future use.

Solution #3: Use an alternative HDMI input

Your TV might have more than one HDMI input, and therefore you should try the other option. First, change the HDMI input and then power on your Television and observe a correct signal lock. If this action doesn’t work, try connecting your device to another HDMI input.

Under this step, one should choose the right input for whatever device one intends to use. Remember, some devices like Blu-ray players and Game consoles are regulated to a certain channel input, meaning that for them to work, you must connect them to their specific inputs.

Solution #4: Inspect the resolution settings of your source device

Wrong settings on your source device could be another reason why you have a faulty HDMI slot. Inspect the device to see if the AUTO mechanism is enabled. If it’s AUTO-enabled, switch to fit the resolution of your Television. Some of the common resolutions are; 4K, 1080p, 720p, etc.

Solution #5: Apply elimination process

How about disconnecting the HDMI connection if the device is linked to an intermediary and directly plugging it into your TV? If this trick is successful, then maybe you are operating with a faulty intermediary. Instead, leave the HDMI source linked to your Television and use it to identify the problem.

Now you have attempted all the above steps and easy fix, and the problem is persistent, don’t worry. The remaining action will be to replace the slot. Below is a handy guide to doing so;

Replacing HDMI SlotReplacing HDMI Slot

Tools you may need


Step 1: Take down your TV

If it’s on the stand, do the necessary to bring it down on a smooth surface. Ensure the space is also clean and spacious enough for easy access.

Step 2: what is the model number?

Check the back cover of your TV to get the model number and write it down.

Step 3: Prepare the TV for slot replacement

This step is simple as you only have to disconnect the power cable. Next, place the screen of your Television on a good surface. Maybe you should use a blanket to prevent damage.

Step 4: Remove the back panel

This part features several Phillips head screws. Inspect the edges and use the Phillips screwdriver to remove them. Put the screws in a good place, for they may get lost.

Step 5: Locating the Slot

Now that the cover is removed, scrutinize for the HDMI slot. Look at the lower part of your right hand.

Step 6: Detach all the cables from this slot

Of course, there might be ribbons; remove all of them, but do it carefully. Go on and disconnect the 1st mounting bracket before touching the bottom one.

Step 7: Removing the board

Wiggle the board to loosen the soft silicon found under it. Remove your board.

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  • Can iFixit replace a Panasonic Viera?

No, this device isn’t managed by such a body.

  • When should I replace the HDMI slot?

If, after diagnosing and treating minor problems, the problem is persistent. Substituting is straightforward as you only have to buy a suitable replacement and do it yourself.

Final thoughts

After removing the HDMI slot, replace it with a suitable one and ensure the fans are left dust-free. This article should help you achieve successful HDMI slot replacement with the use of simple tools. Remember, if you are unable, always consider experienced electricians. 

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