How do I connect my XBOX 360 Controller without the Receiver? – Easy guides

Connecting a wired XBOX 360 controller to a PC that doesn’t have a receiver is very easy. Though, this becomes totally different when you own a wireless controller. The official PC Xbox isn’t connected via Bluetooth and that’s why this paper will concentrate on “how to connect my XBOX 360 Controller without the Receiver?”.

We have several ways to perform this job; one of them is simple and reliable, but others are a bit complicated. But, all these methods are doable; they can be handy based on your choice.

Connecting the Xbox 360 controller to your PC without receiveronnect my xbox 360 controller without the receiver

The Xbox controller isn’t Bluetooth enabled and therefore it can’t connect to your PC via the Bluetooth connection. You’ll notice that the wireless Xbox 360 controller uses varying frequencies that don’t look like Bluetooth. You should therefore be aware not to buy such models.

Additionally, you are required to make the following observations;

  • You need to note that there’s no need for an adapter for the available Xbox Wireless Controller to operate with the Personal Computer.
  • Buying a separate pack with tested counterparts and a controller could be the best idea. At this point, you are in a good position to utilize a Windows USB adapter/receiver.
  • You need to understand that the Xbox Kit doesn’t feature a controller nor even Microsoft sells it.

Setting up an Official Microsoft Adapter

Setting up an Official Microsoft Adapter

If you own either a backdoor or official adapter; but of high quality, then connecting the Xbox 360 controller to a PC will be straightforward. Those folks with Windows 8 are advantageous since the device will be detected automatically, installing all the necessary devices.

To access the Microsoft adapter, you’re supposed to open the Windows Device Manager. You need to tap on the Windows start button and then type in the ‘Device Manager’. Search for the recently downloaded Xbox 360 adapter. People with Windows 7, it’s advisable to rely on the “Add Hardware” Wizard to initiate the USB adapter and then choose “Install the software automatically”. The process will carry on automatically if your Windows version has necessary drivers.

The official way connectionThe official way connection

Here is the official way to join your Xbox 360 controller with your PC without a receiver that’s verified and straightforward. There is no need to spend a lot of money to buy anything since Microsoft has provided this approach. Therefore, you are supposed to source the pack from the essential company. Here is what you can do to spare your pocket from unnecessary drought;

  • Purchase an official Windows Pack for the Xbox 360 wireless controller.
  • This controller might be a bit expensive, but you won’t experience hassles while installing it. Connection is straightforward, with fewer complications.
  • Sometimes, it’s advisable to locate and visit off-the-shelf stores and retail outlets to access the accessories.
  • Occasionally, you may sell the old or extra Xbox Controller if it’s not in use.

The Pricey Xbox

Don’t be fooled or swayed by middlemen and pay more than $60 for the Xbox controller. This should be the moderate amount or any price close to this one, even if it’s old.

  • You can purchase and sell the Xbox controller for the real price or much if you wish.
  • When making purchases from Amazon, ensure it is ‘fulfilled or certified by Amazon’ to keep away scammers.
  • While making purchases, look around to spot a cheaper option; they can save you a lot.
  • After confirming that the one with you is fake, return it immediately to the dealer.

Aftermarket clone (workable, cheap but doable)Aftermarket clone (workable, cheap but doable)

Additionally, you may meet multiple USB receivers being sold separately on varying market platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Most of the devices that you can find in these platforms vary from $7 to $15. Such clones can be perfect, making it difficult to distinguish them from the official or original adapter.

However, setting up these clones can be a bit challenging, but it’s not impossible. This implies that you can perform the action and comfortably connect the Xbox 360 controller to your PC. You need to know that the back of the official Microsoft Xbox 360 is labeled “Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows”. For duplicates, their back will display something like “PC wireless Gaming receiver”, or“X360 ”.

You need to note also that any trademark omission from the actual packaging may lead to complications and therefore you need to be cautious.

The official OrphansXbox 360 PC dongles

If you don’t wish to gamble between the cheap specials and official Xbox 360 Windows, then you need to invest in something worthy and useful. You meet various types of Xbox 360 PC dongles on the market, distinguished from their controller counterparts on eBay and Amazon.

So, as you hit the market, you need to be familiar with the listings that feature more than a dongle, proper markings, and a booklet and an official driver CD. Sometimes you may not wish to utilize a controller, but the Windows tends to download them automatically as an legitimacy indicator.

Again, you need to understand that Microsoft doesn’t sell such devices separately. So, purchasing them separately can be a dangerous gamble. It’s advisable that before buying the device, go through all listings and read reviews from trusted customers or buyers. The product you wish to buy should have sound return policies.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I change a wired Xbox 360 controller to wireless?

A big no. There’s no recognized way to perform this task because a wired model doesn’t have pins for data, nor it doesn’t support soldering.

  • How can I determine that my Xbox 360 controller is Bluetooth enabled?

To determine whether your Xbox 360 controller is Bluetooth enabled or not, you have to inspect the plastic around the Guide button. If it’s similar to the plastic on the controller’s face, and has no seams, the gamepad is Bluetooth enabled.

Final words

You don’t have to hold many doubts when it comes to connecting Xbox 360 controllers without the receiver. The above proves that the process is possible once you have all the necessary and reliable necessities. What you need most is to invest in an original Xbox 360 controller to encourage easy connections. From the above discussion, you can realize that it’s a bit challenging to use knockoff devices, but it’s possible when using the above workarounds.

This tutorial will show you how to install the drivers for the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver on your Windows computer.

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