Music Hall USB-1 vs. Audio Technica lp120 (Compare Them Quickly)

If you wish to compare Music hall USB-1 and audio Technica lp120, first, consider your desires. The compassion, attention, and passion you have towards listening to good music matters more than anything else. Some may consider listening to soft music while others may prefer loud music and in that case, it is advisable to choose one that suits your desires.

Most people tend to know which is best between Music hall USB-1 and Audio Technica lp120. In that case, it is essential to look at the features that make them unique and their similarities. For example, the two devices have almost the same appearance.

Fortunately, the article below shows some differences between Music hall USB-1 and Audio Technica lp120. Also, it shows their similarities, pros and cons, and a buying guide for the two turntables. In the end, there are some FAQs of the most recommended turntable among the two.

A quick comparison table between Music hall USB-1 and audio Technica lp120

Comparison Music hall USB-1 audio Technica lp120
Weight 9.7 lbs. 23.5 lbs.
Wow and flutter 0.25 0.2
warranty Yes, 1 to 2 years Yes. 1 to 2 years
Manual guide yes yes
Magnet MM MM
Design Adjustable pitch Dual magnet

Differences between Music hall USB-1 and audio Technica lp120

music hall usb-1 vs audio technica lp120

The Music hall USB-1 and audio Technica lp120 turntables come with different features. The features usually make them unique in terms of measurements, performance, among others. Some of the differences include the following;

  • Weight

Although the two devices are light in weight, their weight measurement differs. The Music hall USB-1 is approximately 9l ls hence more lightweight and easily portable than audio Technica lp120. Audio Technica lp120 weighs 23.5 lbs. The weight is slightly higher than that of the other device.

  • Wow, and flutter

The Music hall has a wow and flutter of 0.25. The flutter is different from the Technica since it is around 0.2.

  • Design

Music hall comes with a pitch that allows users to regulate speed, especially with a belt. The Technica comes with a dual magnet essential for relativity. Both devices contain the MM.

Similarities between Music hall USB-1 and audio Technica lp120Similarities between Music hall USB-1 and audio Technica lp120

Despite the two turntables having different features that make them unique, some parts are similar. The features include the following;

  • Signal to noise ratio

The two turntables have the same percentage of signal-to-noise ratio. It is approximately 50%, and it makes them function better. Before buying any turntable, try considering some factors, especially if you want the best device to play or record your audio.

  • Advanced features

Both turntables come with some advanced features that improve their performance. The features include; both have a USB output to enable you to connect your devices such as flash drive and smartphone. Also, they come with a 45 RPM adapter that improves their connectivity with other devices.

In addition to that, the two turntables have a built-in preamp and a cartridge that is MM type and differ from other turntables. Before making any decision to buy any of the two turntables, consider the advanced features of each device and see if they suit your desires.

  • Warranty

Each turntable comes with a warranty period to allow you to use it and return it in case of any faults. The warranty period is approximately 1 to 2 years, depending on the manufacturer and the device parts. It is not advisable to purchase a product that lacks a warranty period.

  • Manual guide

Both Music hall USB-1 and audio Technica lp120 devices come with a manufacturer’s manual guide. The guide helps the user know how to use the device and handle it in case of any issues. But, if the problems persist, it is essential to seek help from the nearby repair shop.

Pros Cons of audio Technica lp120

  • High speed.
  • Advanced features such as USB output.
  • Has a high torque.

  • Has poor performance.
  • Expensive.

Pros Cons of Music Hall USB-1

  • Has speed regulation features.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Free from any defects.

  • The whole poor table.
  • Expensive.

Buying guide for Music hall USB-1 and audio Technica lp120Buying guide for Music hall USB-1 and audio Technica lp120

There are some factors you must consider before making any plan of buying one of the two turntables. The factors include the following;

  • Price

Before acquiring a product, the price must be the first factor to evaluate. As a result, you will select a product that you can afford before purchasing it. Compared to conventional speakers with good attributes, a turntable with good features and quality sound is very pricey. As a result, if you want a high-performance turntable, the price must be high, and if you want a low-cost turntable, the features must be minimal.

  • Operational alternatives

The number of channels supported by the preamp, the outputs (digital or analogy), and other aspects of using the amplifier and operational possibilities for the turntable. The turntable’s power is one of the essential variables to consider when choosing between operating choices such as high pass, polarity reverse, and even frequencies. Consider these characteristics when selecting a preamp to avoid purchasing one that consumes a lot of power and has an analog output that does not meet your needs.

  • Recording quality

Consider sound quality when selecting a turntable for use, as it can make a big difference in the product you choose. Select a turntable with good sound quality in the speaker. The preamplifier controls the sound’s volume, ensuring that the sound from the speaker is of excellent quality and meets the listeners’ expectations. To determine whether or not a preamp is suitable for you, try it out at the store where you intend to purchase it.

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FAQs About Music Hall USB-1 vs. Audio Technica lp120:

  • Which is the most recommended?  

The most recommended is music hall usb1 due to its many benefits, such as; has USB port output, is cheap, and produces the sound of high quality. It also performs better.


The information in this article explains the differences, similarities of turntables, the benefits and drawbacks. Also, there are aspects to consider before purchasing one. The characteristics give you a solid idea of what the item has to offer and assist you in deciding what to acquire for use.

Use the information in this article to determine which of the two devices is the best turntable. The things to consider can help a buyer figure out what to look for when purchasing an amplifier, such as the amount of power it uses, the price, and other pertinent details.

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