6 Best Soundbar With Multiple Hdmi Inputs- [ Reviews and Guides]

Those fellows who have the intention of owning a soundbar, then going home  with a device that has more than one HDMI input should be prioritized. With such an item, you will enjoy an impressive experience because HDMI is famous for HD video and audio from a given source. More so, you will be able to play inviolate source video or audio via available home theatre. 

However, the problem always comes when you want to choose a suitable model for your case. Yes, you may get caught on decision-making because of several subwoofers on the market with close features. Well, you don’t have to worry because our report will cover some useful information about the top six best soundbars with multiple HDMI inputs.

6 best soundbar with multiple HDMI inputs

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1. Sonos Arc –White Premium Smart Soundbarbest soundbar with multiple HDMI inputs

You admire rich sound from your neighbors because you have a low-quality soundbar. Maybe you should have a look at this device because it’s enriched with professional features to grace your home entertainment. Sonos Arc is the monster I am referring to, coming with features like Dolby Atmos which is in charge of immersive audio production from any direction.

Let’s explore some other features of the same product;

Features and benefits

  • Sonos app: The manufacturers make this sound bar outstanding, especially with such a feature that gives you a chance to stream podcasts or music wirelessly. More so, the device allows you to use the TV remote and voice to control it. This becomes essential when you want to operate the device from a distant place.  
  • Dolby Atmos: With this mechanism, you will enjoy a 3D sound experience for inspiring games, movies, and TV shows. Dolby Atmos feature is excellent in enhancing immersive sound production; you get sounds from different directions. 
  • Trueplay Turning skill: For enhanced tuning perfection, the brand equips their device with trueplay technology, responsible for maximizing the sound produced. This art ensures unique audibility of your room.
  • Powerful soundbar: Sonos Arc boasts a total of 11 heavy-duty drivers that work together to deliver excellent bass and vivid detail. That’s when you will get immersed to the audio being xchanneled in your house.
  • Built-in Alexa: As I have said above, you can do a lot of things with this soundbar. For example, you can wirelessly play music, get answers, and browse news.
  • Appealing design: The manufacturer incorporates different technologies in this device, making it attractive. One of the major features you should expect to see is the extended shape, seamless facade, and soft profile. 

Apart from its appealing design and HDMI inputs, Sonos Arc boasts ultra-slim design too. You can therefore store it beneath your Television without pulling focus. 


2. Vizio 36″ SB3651n-H6 5.1 SoundbarVizio 36 SB3651n-H6 5.1 Soundbar

How about this soundbar that supports both Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity? You will enjoy the audio as well as the control. It’s a refurbished product, coming with elegant features like 6 speakers. There’s nothing to doubt in this device because I have tested its performance.

Features and benefits

  • Impressive performance: Vizio 36″ remains ideal for various applications and situations. Its performance is incredible that got our attention and that’s why it grabs the second position on our list. 
  • DTS Virtual; X: Your room will be filled with high-quality sound from floor to ceiling with the aid of such a feature. 
  • Versatile: You can use this soundbar to tackle a variety of media. Therefore, don’t hesitate to use it for listening to music, creating a special experience when enjoying movies, audiobooks, and podcasts. As much as volume is concerned, the device is absolutely loud and the sub offers rich bass.
  • Six speakers: There are three major speakers, coming with heavy-duty tweeters on the front. These speakers’ works together to offer you the best sound quality. At the left, there are passive radiators for professional audio too. 
  • Powerful drivers: Additionally, you will find this device powerful due to the available two drivers situated at every side. You need to understand that Vizio has tried to assemble all the goodies in this machine for maximum performance. 
  • Rear surround speakers: You are entitled to rich surround sound when the speakers are situated behind you. 

Unlike Vizio SB46, this item isn’t that heavy and you can easily mount it on the whole. Alternatively, you can create a space beneath your TV and install it there. 


3. Polk Audio MagniFi Max SRPolk Audio MagniFi Max SR

It’s possible to still have a great and quality sound in your house without breaking the bank. It boasts an enormous mid-range system, specifically meant for you who wish to have reliable and nice audio updates for your Television. Some of its other features include;

Features and benefits

  • Easy installation: Setting up MAX SR is straightforward not to consume any of your time. Besides, operating it is also a breeze, so don’t worry if you are an amateur. 
  • 7 drivers: For bigger and dynamic sound, the brand incorporates MAX SR subwoofer with internal sleek and ultra-slim powerful drivers plus tweeters. These components are excellent in producing remarkably clear sound, superior to all traditional soundbars.
  • Two speakers: These speakers are wireless and are plug and play. They are immediately detected by the soundbar whenever you switch them on. Remember, the sub can also accommodate an 8-inch downward firing driver plus wall-mountable speakers. 
  • SDA Audio technology: Experience enormous 5.1surround sound wirelessly with the patented SDA sound technology of the Polk. With this technology, you benefit from a deep surround stage and comprehensive stereo image, offering a room-filling experience. 
  • Three HDMI inputs: The brand also equips their soundbar with multiple connection options. There is a HDCP 2.2 compliant, HDMI-ARC output, etc. All these ports are essential when you have a non-digital device. It also supports internet, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. 
  • Polk’s exclusive Voice Adjust Technology: Use this feature to independently control the levels of the voice, while optimizing sound clarity. Remember, you can also minimize muzzled sounds or voice delays with such a technology.

A soundbar that allows you to stream music wirelessly is highly recommended. Polk Audio MagniFi allows you to do this with the aid of the Google Chromcast via various mobile devices like smartphone and tablets. 


4. Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL SoundBarYamaha Audio YAS-209BL SoundBar

If you have gone through the above options and still unsatisfied, don’t worry because here is a reliable soundbar. Yamaha Audio 209BL can still offer you room-filling sound quality and ease of use at the same time. Yes, the audio you will get is upgraded. 

Features and benefits

  • Easy setup: Installing and using this soundbar is a piece of cake, especially with its auto sub connection technology. This feature therefore makes Yamaha Audio 209BL suitable for even beginners; just have little skills. 
  • DTS Virtual;X: Your room will be full of high-quality sound from floor to ceiling with the aid of such a feature. Besides, you will feel lifelike and roomy effects, enveloping you into desired games or movies. 
  • Clear voice: The manufacturer also equips their device with clear voice audio mode that gives you a chance to enjoy better dialogue. You achieve this because the soundbar will bring the entire conversation to the forefront. 
  • Built-in Alexa: With this app, streaming music is straightforward just like requesting a song, genre and artist from sites like Amazon music. This feature also makes Yamaha Audio 209BL versatile, giving you full control of your device, browsing news, playing music, getting answers or asking questions, etc. 

There are a lot of benefits to smile about, ranging from multiple HDMI ports to wireless connectivity. You are allowed to link your device to other compatible electronics via Bluetooth and you can still connect it to the internet because it supports Wi-Fi connection. 


5. SAMSUNG (HW-MS650/ZA) Premium SoundbarSAMSUNG (HW-MS650ZA) Premium Soundbar

You should connote that Samsung is a top-rated electronics producer in the world. One of their best innovations grabs the fifth position on our list with robust features. Some folks affirm that the electronic is in a good position to deliver premium quality sound playback. It boasts a variety of features meant for Samsung TV owners.

Features and benefits

  • 9 dedicated speakers: For quality audio in your house, SAMSUNG (HW-MS650/ZA) comes with nine speakers with heavy-duty amps that allow you to enjoy enormous home theater audio from a single piece soundbar. There’s no need to go for an extra subwoofer. 
  • Widerange tweeter: You have the right to enjoy consistent great sound from different directions in your room. The soundbar delivers this function with the aid of heavy-duty tweeters that occupy a wide frequency range. 
  • Alexa voice control: For hands-free operation, the manufacturer makes their device compatible with Alexa voice control technology. You can command the device by simply requesting a few lyrics of the song or its title. However, the Alexa device is sold separately. 
  • Distortion-free sound: There is a Distortion cancelling mechanism which becomes handy in canceling and predicting distortion before reaching your ears. On the other hand, the multi-speaker control enhances the bass’ depth and power by coordinating each speaker’s movement precisely. 
  • Wireless connectivity: You have the option of either using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth components in the soundbar to stream your music via Multiroom App. With such a feature, believe me, you can listen to tracks from various mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. 

What makes SAMSUNG (HW-MS650/ZA) special is the 4K Pass-through, which is UHD 4K enabled. The Wi-Fi features are also unmatched, especially when related to other soundbars on the market. 


6. Samsung HW-T450 Smart SoundbarSamsung HW-T450 Smart Soundbar

Well, let’s wind up our reviews with the newest soundbar from Samsung which is superior. There are several features that are amazing, ranging from the wireless connectivity to the Alphasonik Earbuds. Don’t use its position on our list to underrate its performance; SAMSUNG Bluetooth Smart soundbar is a beast.

Features and benefits

  • Smart Sound Mode: This technology is responsible for automatically analyzing the content, optimizing the sound setting. You have the right to enjoy consistent great sound from different directions in your room. Samsung HW-R450 delivers this function with the aid of its smart sound mode that occupies a wide frequency range. 
  • Game mode: The manufacturer also makes their device with a unique game mode that allows you to enjoy every bit of sound effects in the game. 
  • Wireless connectivity: Despite the availability of HDMI ports, still you can connect this device via Bluetooth. For this reason, you are free to stream music on your smartphone, no need for strings. Alternatively, there is an Optical cable provided for free. 
  • Robust construction: The design of this soundbar is sturdy like other Samsung electronics. Though it lacks an eye-catching look, its performance is one in a million. The build is solid with superior sturdy feel and weight. 

Experience immersive sound without troublesome cords using this soundbar from Samsung is very crucial. Don’t hesitate to listen to music from any audio device like a smartphone via the incorporated Bluetooth receiver. It’s time to try this product out for you. 


Buying guideBuying guide

Despite the market having many solid soundbars, still there is a way we can choose the best from bad. Without reliable information, getting an excellent soundbar with multiple HDMI ports can be challenging. Therefore, we have discussed a few parameters you should consider when purchasing a suitable soundbar. 

  • App control

Does whatever you wish to buy support hands-free operation? You should be careful with the type of the soundbar you want to buy, especially if you want to manage everything via your mobile device like a smartphone. 

To be on the safer side, you should invest in a model that boasts App control as long as it links well with the operating system of your device. 

  • Room correction

Here is another feature that you can rely on whenever purchasing the best soundbar for your home sound system. The structure of your room plays a vital role in determining how a device will sound like. We have seen some prominent brands trying to equip their soundbars with highly functional and sophisticated room correction technology, delivering several sonic benefits. 

Jaw-dropping sound is what the best soundbar, a substantial room correction feature, can offer you. Though they tend to be expensive, we highly recommend them. 

  • Dialogue enhancement

Since you will be using your device to even watch TV shows, it is advisable to invest in the best option. Some of us don’t prefer using closed captions while browsing movies. However, sometimes turning into this might be useful so that you get clear information of what people are talking about. 

Alternatively, you can buy a soundbar that comes with the dialogue enhancement feature. Such a technology incorporates an algorithm meant to detect frequencies usually associated with the speech, channeling them through available upgraded signal processors. It therefore separates vocals from music background sound plus sound effects. 

  • Equalization

You should understand that some models come with EQ technology that allows you to tune in to a specific placement such as in a wall or cabinet. The EQ is responsible for adjusting particular sonic features that occur in your speaker in a given scenario.

However, the equalizer should not be mistaken for room corrosion because the latter utilizes more classy technology. For this reason, I would recommend you to consider soundbars with this feature the best.  Yes, they are amazing to achieve one in a million sound qualities, only to enhance your listening experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are soundbars with several HDMI ports beneficial?

Of course yes, HDMI pass-through eases the process of sharing HD video or audio formats between your home theatre system and source. You achieve all these using a single cord. Using eight-audio cables can be the only other method to link your system. However, a simple way to do so is to use HDMI ports; don’t hesitate to transfer up-to-date HD audio frequencies. 

  • Can a soundbar consume much of my space?

It depends on whatever type you wish to purchase. Some are big and might have multiple speakers while others are ultra-slim to sit under your TV. Just install the subwoofer in the cabinet and you are done. 


From our reviews, you can realize that it’s advantageous to own a soundbar with multiple HDMI ports. These models can easily pass High Definition videos and audio formats via a single cord. Yes, and this makes them the best since they offer fantastic ways to establish a consistent and remarkable audio system. 

Therefore, when buying the best soundbar with multiple HDMI inputs, remember to consider those with high-quality HDMI enhancements. I say so because one can utilize them to link his Blu-ray player without interfering with the signal. Additionally, you benefit from top-of-the-line upgraded HD video or audio. Hopefully, you find one of your favorites from the above reviews and buying guide.

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