How to Play DVD on ps3-Different Ways

A DVD is a type of media that stores digital data. It is pretty similar to a CD, but it contains larger storage space. A DVD mainly helps in playing videos, but in some cases, it helps in storing softwares like programs. In the other case, a ps3 is a playstation 3 machine that plays video games.

Therefore, connecting the DVD and the PS3 helps you watch videos available in the DVD on the playstation 3 screens instead of only playing games. Furthermore, a DVD can work on the ps3 since the ps3 has a Blue-ray disk that contains the sensing technology that can enhance watching videos from it.

Ways of playing DVD on ps3how to play dvd on ps3

You can play DVD on PS3 because the PS3 supports the DVD and blu-ray formats depending on the model of the console on the ps3. The obvious way of playing the DVD is by inserting it into the console on the ps3 and playing them. However, there are possible advisable methods you can use to fix this. The steps in the article will help you play the DVD on ps3.

Method 1; Playing DVD directly on PS3Playing DVD directly on PS3

In this method, the DVD player connects to the ps3 to play videos directly. The following steps will guide you on playing the DVD videos directly on the playstation 3.

1. Turn on the play station3

The first step is to turn on the play station3 as usual to start its games, the apparent activity of the ps3.In the ps3, you have to log in to the station before you start using it; therefore, add your details for verification.

2.  Insert the DVD in play station 3 consoles

Secondly, insert the DVD in the play station 3 consoles to play the videos you want.

3. Insert the disk

Lastly, after inserting the disk, you are to leave it to play by itself automatically. If this fails to happen, you have to go to the menu bar in the playstation 3 and click on the video headings, and the video will start playing.

Advantages of playing DVD directly on ps3

  • It is easy and straightforward

The following methods need a brief knowledge about playstations and DVDs to help you play videos. Therefore, it is easy to insert the disk, as the steps to follow are straightforward and you can understand easily.

  • It is time-consuming

A lot of time is not going to waste since the steps follow the brief, and it takes about five minutes to insert the disk and start using the playstation 3.

Disadvantages of this method of playing videos directly on ps3.

  • Supports limited types of DVDs

The play station 3 plays DVDs it is supporting only. Therefore, videos cannot play when the DVD is not in the format that the ps3 supports.

 Method 2; Using Wonder share UniConverter

Using Wonder share UniConverter

Playing DVD on the playstation 3 using the wonder share Uniconverter is the best solution since it does not have many disadvantages compared to the first method of inserting the disk into the play station console. The steps below will guide you on how to use the wonder share Uniconverter.

a) Insert the DVD in the play station 3 machines

The first step is to insert the DVD into the play station 3 computers for interpretation and conversion later by the converter.

b) Download and install the wonder share converter

After downloading the converter to your computer and installing it, open the converter software on the computer and click the option of converting videos.

c) Decide on the format on the ps3 that fits the DVD

In this step, choose the format of the video that suits your preference.

d) Change the DVD to a playstation 3

The last step is converting the DVD to play station 3 processes to the format that you like.

Advantages of using a wonder share converter

  • It is fast during its conversion

It enhances speedy actions to convert the DVD to a compatible format with the playstation 3.

  • Produces a quality output

A wonder share converter produces good quality videos with good resolutions, and the image quality is always perfect.

Disadvantages of using a wonder share converter

  • It needs a lot of cash

Buying the wonder share converter consumes much cash that one can use to buy something else for the user.

  • Time-consuming

Much time is needed to convert the DVD to a playstation 3 compatible format.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the price of a Playstation 3?

Most people worry about the price of the play station 3 and where to get the ps3 in their specific. However, it is not as complicated as you may think as you can order your product via online platforms like Amazon, which sells products through brick and mortar, pure-play, and click and motor modes, which helps you save cost that you will spend. 

  • Is there any different kind of a play station apart from ps3?

More types of play stations do exist in the world today since the technology keeps on advancing from day today. There are play station 4 and 5, which do exist and can support playing videos using the DVD, just like the play station 3.

  • Do you need an internet connection to play a DVD on a playstation 3?

An internet connection is not necessary when playing DVDs on a playstation at that time. However, you can use it when downloading and installing some necessary features and that you need to support the connection.


Playing DVD on a playstation can happen in playstation version 3, and the playstation version 4 plays videos with the DVD so long as the playstation supports the format in the DVD. Therefore, you need to have a clear understanding of DVDs and play stations well so that you can undertake the processes respectively.

The steps in the article above are helpful to you if you have never come across playing DVD videos using a playstation. However, read the article above in case you will encounter such a problem in your circle. Play stations are available in many places if you want to purchase one, as evident in the explanation of the frequently asked questions.

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