How to Get the Loudest With an 8-Ohm Speaker?

Sometimes, you may want to listen to loud music because your 8ohm speaker emits soft music. In most cases, the 8ohm speaker may be generating low noise due to its distortion. Check the speaker carefully and identify any faults. Fix the issue and see if the speaker still emits low sound. But, if the speaker is in good condition, consider some tips which you can apply to increase its volume successfully.

What are the methods I can apply to make my 8ohm speaker loud? You may find yourself constantly asking such questions and wish to get some answers on how to get loud with the 8ohm speaker. Several tips increase the volume of the speaker. For instance, you can boost the speaker volume by increasing the volume of the connected device.

Luckily, the article gives some tips to follow to get loud with the 8ohm speaker. Also, there is additional information concerning the speakers and some frequently asked questions. Please review the whole article carefully to yield the benefit of listening to loud music.  

Tips on how to get loud with an 8ohm speakerHow to Get the Loudest With an 8-Ohm Speaker

Some tips can help you increase the speaker’s volume. The tips come in the form of steps, and they include the following;

i. Check the state of the 8ohm speaker

Sometimes, your 8ohm speaker may not emit a loud volume because it is faulty. First, check it carefully and identify any possible errors. If the resistor is defective, consider replacing it with a new one functioning correctly. Test the speaker after the completion of all the troubleshooting processes. Also, consider replacing the speaker if severe damage is beyond repair.

ii. Change the position of your 8ohm speaker

Check the speaker’s position and ensure that no items interfere with the sound transmission. If there is any furniture blocking sound, remove the table or position the speaker in your direction. Try setting your 8ohm speaker in a corner to fire sound due to sound reflection. The method is best if you have many 8ohm speakers that you want to go loud.

iii. Use a subwoofer

Increase the volume of your 8ohm speaker system by adding a powered subwoofer. A powered subwoofer will amplify your 8ohm speaker’s low-frequency output. These are the most difficult frequencies to replicate and necessitate significant power. Your volume will grow once you’ve increased the magnitude of these frequencies. When adding the speaker, consider the amount of current the two devices may need.

iv. Replace the 8ohm speaker with a better one

Purchase a higher-quality 8-ohm speaker. If you don’t have enough power coming to your speakers, even the most excellent 8ohm speaker won’t sound particularly loud. Compare your 8ohm speaker’s manufacturer’s power requirements to your amplifier’s specifications. If your 8-ohm speaker isn’t loud enough, upgrade to a power amplifier.

v. Increase the volume of the device you are using

If you connect your 8ohm speaker to any device via Bluetooth or audio cable, increase the volume of the device to maximum. Also, you can adjust the music volume in the settings to make the speaker louder.

Reasons why 8ohm speaker emit low noise when playing music

1. Wrong wiringReasons why 8ohm speaker emit low noise when playing music

Hiss, hum, popping, crackling, and other noises are delivered to the 8ohm speaker if the wiring is faulty, causing severe problems with the speaker’s performance.

Any of the following can cause wiring problems:

  • Poor wiring of the Plugs.
  • Mismatching plugs, or they are loose.
  • Loose cables that are at times faulty
  • Loose solder connections

Wobbling the cables while hearing for speaker noise can help you solve a wiring issue in an audio system. To avoid hearing and speaker damage, do this at a low listening level.

2. Frequency interferenceFrequency interference

It’s usual to have multiple gadgets close together; however, the frequencies of various devices, such as cordless cell phones, microwave ovens, and an 8ohm Bluetooth speaker, might interfere with each other. As a result, you can examine these devices to see if they are the root of the issue.

  • Unplug the power supply and turn off the devices.
  • Remove these items from proximity to your speaker.
  • Check to verify if your speaker is functioning right now.

Furthermore, to avoid an electromagnetic surge, keep your 8ohm speaker away from strong electrical sources and wrap the wire in insulation to prevent something similar from happening again.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How do I increase base on my 8hm speaker?

The best way to increase the bass of your 8ohm speaker is by using a larger box. A large box increases bass emission, and the bass is intense. Therefore, consider buying a sizeable 8ohm speaker with a large compartment for high bass emission.

  • Why is the volume of my 8-ohm speaker so low?

Make the connected device and the 8-ohm speaker on, turn the volume up for a problem with low or no sound. Check to see if the linked device is playing music. Depending on the model, seals may be used to cover ducts at the bottom of speakers.

  • How do I increase the volume of my stereo speakers that are not an 8ohm?

Your receiver is capable of handling multiple speaker groups. Replace your speakers with new ones. Choose speakers with a higher output when upgrading. Make your system more powerful by adding an amplifier. Equip your stereo receiver with an equalization. Use high-quality wires and cables.


If you want to get loud with your 8ohm speaker, consider following the tips in the article carefully. For example, try changing the position of the speaker. If all the methods above fail to increase the volume, consider seeking help from an expert for information. Also, you can buy a new 8ohm speaker for replacement purposes.

Finally, it is essential to take care of your speaker to increase its lifespan. First, service it more often according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, remove any dust on the speaker that prevents it from emitting clear noise. In any case, I hope you have an answer on how to get loud with your 8ohm speaker. 

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