How to Connect USB to TV Without USB Port-Step by Step Guide

Most new TV versions are built with a wide range of connection options. However, older TVs or simply the non-smart TVs are designed with limited connection ways, limiting one from connecting a device to the TV. For instance, numerous older TV versions lack a USB port. Thus, it would be challenging to play contents on your USB-enabled device from your Television or monitor.

However, there are times that you have to play specific content from a USB flash drive or a pen drive. A USB port on your TV will offer numerous advantages, but you should not get worried if your TV lacks one. There are various ways to go about it. This article outlines several options to successfully connect their USB to a TV that lacks a USB port.

Importance of USB ports on your TVImportance of USB ports on your TV

Due to technological advancements, different TV models are now being designed with various impressive features, right from the TV size, reduced thickness and the ability to roll the TV, like the LG signature TV. A different advancement is the ability to run several connections to the TV through added new ports.

USB ports on TVs have several advantages to your Television, some of which include;

       i. Transfer of multimedia files

Most devices use the USB connection to transfer files to the TV through USB ports mounted at the TV’s back panel or sides. If your TV can support multimedia files, it is possible to connect pen drives, flash drives, or various external drives. This makes it easy for one to watch or play any content on such devices.

You can transfer downloaded clips to a USB flash drive through an OTG cable or an adapter from your handset or PC. The flash drive is then connected to the TV.

     ii. To connect PC peripherals

Devices like wired mouse and keyboards can be connected to the TV through its USB port. The connection is commonly applicable in Smart TVs. The smart televisions have inbuilt applications, which might include; Facebook, Netflix and various web browsers. Therefore, it will be much easier to navigate through numerous web pages using a mouse than when one uses a TV remote.

  iii. Power supply

For our TV to function, of course, you will have to plug it into a source of power. Sometimes you can have various devices plugged in all sockets, with no space left. However, you can use a USB cable hooked to the TV’s USB port to power your smartphone or any other device.

  iv. To connect different TV accessories

Some individuals will love it when their TV cabinets look attractive. It is possible to prettify your TV’s environs. This can be done by simply purchasing coloured-lighting appliances and connecting them to the TV through the USB port.

     v. TV firmware update

Using your handset or a PC, download the up-to-date firmware update by connecting the particular device to the internet. You can then transfer the downloaded file to a USB drive and then connect it to your TV.

To update the firmware;

  • Locate the ‘Software upgrade’ sector and select ‘update from USB’.
  • The TV initiates the update process by automatically locating the file from the connected flash drive.

Connecting your USB to a TV without a USB port

We have seen the various reasons why one would need to connect a USB to a television. However, it doesn’t mean that you will not proceed to display files stored in your flash drive from a TV that lacks a USB port. You can use several connection options as discussed below;

1)  Use a DVD playerhow to connect usb to tv without usb port

One can use a DVD player with a USB port to play contents stored in a flash drive. To use a DVD player, follow the following steps;

  • Firstly, locate the DVD’s USB port.
  • Gently insert your USB flash drive into the USB port of the player.
  •  A flash drive menu is displayed. Using the DVD’s remote control, navigate through the displayed menu.
  • A list of files in the flash drive appears, allowing you to select the specific file you would like to play.
  • Once you have highlighted the file to play, press the ‘play’ or ‘Enter’ buttons on the DVD’s remote control.
  • The selected file starts playing on the TV’s screen.

Important note: The above steps are applicable with the DVD player and all other USB devices connected.

2) Using a computer or laptop Using a computer or laptop

Computers are designed with USB ports that enable one to connect any USB-enabled device to it. To connect your USB flash drive to your TV using a laptop, ensure that the device has a video output plug. Insert your drive into the laptop’s port and connect your computer to the TV.

There are various ways to connect your computer or laptop to the TV;

  1. Using an HDMI cable – HDMI cables are readily available and affordable in electronic shops. It is effortless to use an HDMI cable in your connection. It facilitates the transfer of both audio and video files from the computer to the TV.
  2. Using a Bluetooth connection- Bluetooth connection allows one to connect the TV and computer wirelessly. However, some computer versions may lack this option.
  3. Use of VGA cable- This option is primarily used in older TV versions that do not support HDMI connection. It only supports video signals to the Television. An Auxiliary audio cable can be used with a VGA cable to send audio signals to the TV.

3) Using S-Video cables to connect your USBUsing S-Video cables to connect your USB

These cables are used in conveying video signals through a cable to the TV. The cables can do the best work in older TV versions, allowing one to hook various types of S-video cables. Some computer versions support different S-Video cable connections. Therefore, one can connect their USB flash drive to the computer and watch contents from the TV, using the S-Video cables.


In conclusion, connecting your USB flash drive to a TV that lacks a USB port is possible. We have discussed various possible ways to go about the connection. It is as simple as changing your TV’s video input to a different channel that supports a USB connection.

If you have an older TV version and probably want to connect your USB flash drive, use the above-discussed options, and you will have a successful experience. These are the simplest ways to increase your watching experience and won’t cost you much.

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