How to Eliminate Horizontal Lines on TV Screen-Complete Guide

Televisions become a prominent source of comfort when it comes to entertainment, especially to pass time after a busy long day. However, sometimes you may want to watch your favorite program, but suddenly meet horizontal lines on your TV screen. For some folks, that will be the end of watching and you will see them sleeping on the couch.

Well, it’s possible to fix the horizontal lines on your TV screen; you don’t have to worry because the action won’t cost you an arm and a leg. But, before you kick off the healing process, it’s advisable to start by determining the roots of the issue. Let’s get into today’s business!

Causes of horizontal lines on TV screenCauses of horizontal lines on TV screen

There are always two glass thin layers, consisting of high-quality liquid crystal materials between the layers. These materials are mainly available on TVs, Notebooks, and monitors.

If the glass is damaged either due to aging or any accident, the debris will start to penetrate into the liquid crystal layer, causing the color’s vertical lines to display when the whole screen is illuminated. Remember, these lines aren’t permanent since the problematic display connections are persistent because of internal failure.

Eliminating the TV screen horizontal lines complicationsEliminating the TV screen horizontal lines complications

Horizontal, jagged, diagonal, or vertical lines on any LCD screen imply that the entire panel is damaged. If you experience horizontal lines on your TV screen in modern days, then it means that the internal part of the TV is damaged, failure in the graphics system, or loose video cable.

All damaged signals from cables or graphic hardware give rise to impurities that hinders image production on the screen. Sometimes it’s advisable to contact the nearest expert, specialized in Television screen repairs and get the horizontal lines on your TV screen fixed.

Nowadays, lads who face Horizontal lines on their TV screens tend to concentrate much on DIY projects to fix the issue. Alternatively, such people can still contact experienced TV screen replacement and repair services experts. Such people will tell you the exact root for the horizontal lines on the TV screen and suggest the possible solutions to permanently handle the problem.

Complete guide to eliminate the horizontal lines on your TV screenhorizontal lines on tv screen

If there are vertical or horizontal lines running across your Television’s screen, then it’s not a sure bet that you’re having a broken TV. Below are some of the tips that one can implement to handle the horizontal lines issues on his TV screen.

Step 1: Turning Off and On the TV

The first thing to troubleshoot your TV screen that keeps on displaying horizontal lines is to power it off and then on again. Switch off the TV and disconnect it from the power source; give it some two minutes. Plug back the power cord to the power source and turn the TV again.

Step 2: Inspect the video cablesInspect the video cables

Disconnect the available video cables from the TV and any other connected sources like game console or Blu-ray player. Wait for a few seconds and then reconnect the video cables back to the TV. After tying this and still experiencing stripes on your TV screen, use a new cable. But, if the problem is persistence, move to the next step.

Step 3: Switch between sourcesSwitch between sources

Use the remote control to switch between the video channels and TV programs of the available connected sources. If you only spot stripes on the device’s screen, then you’re supposed to open the menu of the device. Adjust its resolution to suit the TV’s resolution.

Choose the resolution that is stated in the user manual of the TV. However, if it’s only the TV programs that keep on showing stripes, then probably the issue could be your decoder or signal. Check the antenna and if the problem persists, contacting your service provider can be the easy way out.

Step 4: Update the Software of your TVUpdate the Software of your TV

Sometimes outdated software could lead to image errors (horizontal lines). It’s therefore advisable to regularly check and try to update your TV’s software to get rid of such a problem. This action varies based on the TV type with you; revise from the user manual.

Yes, revising your TV’s manual is the best way to get more information and see software compatibility. Besides, you will be able to know the right time to update the software to prolong the normal performance of your TV.

Step 5: Resting the Television to Factory SettingsResting the Television to Factory Settings

Sometimes your Television could be out of reach to proper blend of image settings, leading to image errors. For such a case, it’s recommendable to reset your Television to factory settings. This action is necessary as it gives you a chance to restore all the settings to default.

Your TV will have its original condition, everything being assumed as ‘new’.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What leads to horizontal stripes on my Samsung TV screen?

If you experience horizontal lines on your TV screen in modern days, then it means that the internal part of the TV is damaged, a failure in the graphics system, or loose video cable. Damaged signals from cables or graphic hardware give rise to impurities that hinders image production on the screen.

  • What leads to vertical lines on my Samsung TV screen?

Vertical lines being displayed on any LCD screen is not new. Whether it’s a laptop screen, desktop PC, TV, or even mobile phone, the issue is oftenly the ribbon cable plus its connections. I thought you should know that the ribbon cable may lead to all sorts of hassles displaying in bright vertical stripes.

  • How much can a TV screen with horizontal lines cost?

It depends on the exact problem; if it’s the motherboard, prepare to pay more. Sometimes the screen or the ribbon cables could be problematic. The wires that aren’t securely fastened could also trigger this process.

Final words

We all have varying expectations when it comes to enhancing our entertainment time. Having a TV with the best and high-quality screen can offer you an exciting experience when watching movies and TV shows at home. Therefore, use the above guide to fix the ‘horizontal lines’ on your TV screen for robust watching experience.

If you can’t fix is so far, then watch this video below:

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