How to Hook up Directv Box to TV Without Hdmi-Quick Solutions

When there is a need to connect a TV to a receiver, the HDMI cables are always the best alternative. If the TV you are using does not have the HDMI jack, other cables might be used to hook up the receiver and the TV.

Whether the TV, the receiver or even both do not have HDMI connections, RCA cables or converters can connect the two. There are various types of RCA cables to be used, and luckily enough, they are widely available even from the local suppliers. This article outlines various ways on how to hook up a direct TV box to a TV without HDMI.

 Various options using the RCA cables Various options using the RCA cables

RCA cables are several and contain numbers of connectors, namely, the classic red and white RCA cables. These composite cables include a video channel, and lastly, the component RCA cables have different cables for the video channel and are always three.

  • Basic RCA audio cable

This audio cable has two connectors; a red cable and a white cable. It is only limited to transmitting audio; thus, using the RCA jacks connects the TV with the receiver. When connecting, the red cable should match the red jack, and the white cable should also match the white jack.

  • Composite video cables

These cables were mostly in use before the HDMI cables took over. They connect both the audio and video from component to component, and their connection cables are red, white and yellow. Its name composite video cable is used because only one cable is required to connect the video, the yellow cable. Of all the other RCA cables, this is the most used.

  • Component video cables

This type of cable uses various connectors to transmit video signals. It uses green, blue and red cables for video transmission. When buying, you can choose to buy the one with only green, blue and red cables or choose the one with five RCA cables, including the red and white cables. During the transmission of audio from the TV to the receiver, a 5RCA component video cable is needed.

Connecting by use of an HDMI Converter

Using a converter, it is possible to connect an HDMI to HDMI on one side and RCA to another RCA cable on the other side. If you need to convert an analog signal to a digital signal, it will be successful by the use of the right converter if the cables you are using are right. It is usually not recommendable since its quality is not as pure as that of HDMI.

Connecting a directV box to a TV without HDMI

The most important thing is to figure out the cables you need to have. This depends on the ports on your devices. Locate all the cables and converters before you settle to start the connections. Once you have traced everything, you are set to get started.

Simple steps to help you connect your TV boxhow to hook up directv box to tv without hdmi

  • Switch on the power button of both the TV and your direct TV box. It would be best if you had power so you can know whether the connections are successful or not.
  • Connect the cables or the converter to the right input. Normally, they have labelled as ‘Audio’, ‘Component’ or ‘Composite’. The colours on the cables should guide you on where to plug each cable. Make sure that the cables are well plugged in.
  • It would help if you then changed your TV’s default speaker to the newly connected external speakers. This process entirely depends on the model of your TV. Generally, its location is at the sound section of the TV’s main settings. So the default speaker will be changed from the internal speaker to the external speaker.
  • After everything is well connected, it’s time to test all your connection setup. Find a playing media, whether a song or even a video and adjust the volume by turning it up and listen if anything can be heard.

If you can hear any sound from the media you are playing, then your connection has been successful, and you are good to go. If you need to change or use a different receiver or even a different type of TV, you are just required to break the connection by disconnecting or unplugging the cables.

1. Digital coaxial cablesDigital coaxial cables

They are single cables that ease the running from the TV to the rear input of your receiver. The cable’s barrels are round. Connect the coaxial cable to the TV’s output jack. After you are done, plug the cable from the TV to the available input jack on your TV box.

To avoid confusion, record the input jack used. From the TV’s menu, change the setting of the TV audio to ‘Audio out’. With the help of your receiver’s remote control, locate the coaxial audio selection from the menu and click on it to open.

Adjust the volume of your receiver. Following these steps, there should be audio playing out of the speakers connected to your directV box.

2. Optical audio cablesOptical audio cables

The performance of these cables is more of the same as that of digital coaxial audio cables. The type of cable used to carry digitized audio from the TV is mostly referred to as TOSLINK. The cable’s ends are normally square.

 Connection using these optical cables requires you to connect the cables to the back of your TV. It would be best to plug the cable into an open optical audio jack on your receiver. Select ‘Audio out’ from the menu selection on the TV.

Connect the optical cable to your receiver and record the number of input where it is applicable. Using the receiver’s remote control, choose the right input and then play audio from your TV to get the sound. Adjust the volume to your preferred level.


In cases where you are unable to use the HDMI cables, you should never get discouraged. The steps above clearly show and explain how to connect different cable types from your TV to the receiver.

All audio cables can be used depending on the model or type of your TV. There are only minor differences between the different types of audio cables. The most important bit is successfully connecting the cables, and sound is heard.

When followed, the steps above will enable you to enjoy a high-quality audio experience at home or even at your workplace.

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