How to Hook up a Vcr and DVD Player to a TV-All You Need to Know

One might need to play various video tapes but find it challenging to run the DVD player or VCR connection to the TV. This is because they cannot find the right connections on the TV. Hooking up a VCR or DVD player to a TV is the ideal thing to do, especially if you do not have a home theatre system. It is easy to hook up the DVD player or the VCR to a TV if you have the necessary connection tips.

In this article, I am going to take you through the simple connection methods you can use. They will act as a guiding tool for you to achieve the best results. In case one way fails, it is always advisable to try the other. Below are some of the connections to use.

VCR and DVD connection methodshow to hook up a vcr and dvd player to a tv

  • You can hook up the red, white, and yellow wires from the VCR output to your television input, commonly known as the A/C input. After that, hook up the DVD player directly to the TV using the S-Video (super video) cable and red and white audio inputs.
  •  The S-Video is a slightly larger plug compared to other plugs. The plug is designed with small delicate pins. A Macrovision protection scheme will appear on the screen, and your DVD will be unwatchable. What you need to do is to run the cable through the VCR.
  • If these methods fail, try to check at the back of your television if the S-Video connections are excellent. When you follow the above guidelines, you will successfully hook up your VCR and DVD player to your television.
  • Another method one can adopt is the use of the coaxial cable. All you need to do is secure the coaxial cable on the back of both the VCR and DVD player and turn the threaded coupler on each end of the cable clockwise. Plug a set of composite cables from the AV OUT to your TV’s AV IN, mounted at the back of the TV. Ensure that the red plugs match with both the DVC player and VCR cable colours.
  •  Connect the set of cables from the DVD player and VCR to the set of output jacks on the TV. Switch on your TV, then press the input button simultaneously to display the cable signal from the remote control. By doing so, you would have successfully hooked up both your DVD player and VCR to your TV. When using this connection method, always be keen to ensure that the cable colour of the inputs matches with that of the output.
  • An HDMI connection is another method to hook up both the DVD player and VCR to the TV. This method is only suitable for the latest TV sets because they are modified with digital inputs. Firstly ensure you have a converter box because you cannot connect the VCR directly to the TV. Secondly, ensure your DVD player has the HDMI video output feature.
  • HDMI connection will bring out the highest quality connection for audio and video. Each HDMI socket will always be labelled with a potential input number.
  • All you need to do is connect one side of the HDMI cable to the back of the DVD player and connect the VCR plugs into the input of the converter box. Connect the other part of both the DVD player and VCR to the available input on the television. The output of the converter box connects to the HDMI lead. Using the remote control, turn on the TV and select the corresponding input you need.VCR
  •  At this point, both the VCR and DVD player logo will appear on the screen.
  • Kindly note that some converter boxes require a USB lead to be plugged into the television. If you keenly follow the above guideline, you will successfully connect your VCR and DVD player to your TV.
  • You can also connect using the RCA cables. The RCA cables have three colours. The red and white are associated with audio, while the yellow one is used for audio. Ensure you connect the video output connections on the DVD/ VCR combo.
  • Make sure that the yellow port that the yellow, white and red cables match accordingly. Hook the RCA’s other end to the video input of your TV. It is essential to ensure that the colour of the plug matches the port that is plugged in.
  • Using a remote, press the input selection button to configure the TV to display the DVD/VCR combo. Continue pressing until you get the video output into which you plugged the RCA cables. By doing so, you will be ready to view the VCR/DVD combo on your television. By taking every step into account, you will have successfully connected using the RCA cables.

Frequently asked questions on connecting video disk and VRC to a TV:

  • For a successful DVD player connection to the TV, which cables should I use?

New DVD player versions come along with an HDMI connection cable. The HDMI cable can be hooked into the DVD player and the TV to complete the connection circuit. If you own an older DVD version, it may lack the HDMI connection ports, hence no need for the cable.

Instead, this version comes along with a composite cable. Ensure that the different cable plugs are hooked to their particular ports on both the TV and the DVD or VRC.


In conclusion, there are innumerable ways to connect both a VCR and a video disk to your TV. The above article clearly illustrates the standard methods used. You can use the RCA cable and even the HDMI connection method, among others, to connect. All of them will work best on your TV, depending on which type of connection is available.

If you find it difficult to hook up both the VCR and the DVD player to your TV, try consulting an expert for guidance. It is always advisable to reach out to the most reputable and positively reviewed technician. This is because an inexperienced expert will end up ruining either your TV or the DVD player.

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