Complete Guide on How to Fix Hdmi Port on Panasonic TV

Panasonic TV is one of the best screen displays one can get for their home entertainment. This model can produce high-quality images and offers a large display that will best reach many viewers. Panasonic TVs are relatively affordable with different features and sizes.

Panasonic TV models have several mounted ports at the back panel of the Television, among which we have the HDMI ports. The HDMI ports allow the connection of HDMI cables which convey both audio and video signals between the TV and any device connected via the cable. However, the ports may experience several issues in that they may be loose or even fail to work. Below are several ways to fix HDMI ports on a Panasonic TV.

Adding an HDMI Port to a Panasonic TVAdding an HDMI Port to a Panasonic TV

One can watch high-resolution content on a Panasonic TV with an HDMI port added to your device through various viable options. If you update your existing video card, you will efficiently and quickly convert the current analog signal to digital. This is how to go about it;

  • Step 1

 Unscrew all screws from your TV to remove the outer case. The box would glide off pretty quickly to show your TV’s motherboard and various other components. Ensure you update the TV’s video card to add an HDMI port to the device. VGS ports are most often used for low-end video cards that transmit analog signals to your display. The HDMI conveys your TV with high-definition signals.

  • Step 2

Put your new HDMI video card in an open PCI card slot. Radeon, Diamond, and NVIDIA produce cheap HDMI video cards that can work on your TV. These cards allow you to view an actual high-definition video on your computer or HD TV in digital format.

  • Step 3

Slide the case back onto your device and secure all the removed screws to your Panasonic TV. Install your video card program when the new card is detected on start-up. When installed, this app helps you adapt any video settings and is available for download from the company’s website free of charge.

 Since you have a more advanced video card now, Windows generic video drivers may not allow you to configure or adjust the new digital signal parameters.

  • Step 4

Buy an additional VGA converter. This hardware converts the VGA signal into digital format. You can connect your VGA cord in the box and convert the signal to a digital signal produced via an HDMI port. This is a little more costly but less workable and can be easily used mobile-way for any electronic device.

Fixing a Loose HDMI Television Porthow to fix hdmi port on panasonic tv

HDMI ports may become loose due to the connection of different sized HDMI cables into the ports, stressing them. Fortunately, almost all ports are mounted in a common way to the TV’S motherboard. One may tighten the HDMI port back to factory status using a simple screwdriver without causing damages to the cable or the internal components.

To fix loose HDMI ports in your Television, follow the following steps;

  • Turn the fitted HDMI TV in a way that the TV’s screen faces away from you.
  • Trace the TV’s HDMI port and if the HDMI cable is plugged into the port, unplug it.
  • Just above or beneath the HDMI port, there is a small mounted Phillips screw. Ensure you make the screw tighter by slightly rotating it in a clockwise direction.

Ensure you do the process gently not to damage the screw. Once the screw has been tightened up, one can successfully connect the HDMI cable, and the connection works perfectly.

Repairing broken HDMI TV portsRepairing broken HDMI TV ports

Although a damaged HDMI port can be repaired, the process is usually challenging. One needs to gain some soldering experience on small connections. If your TV is under warranty, it would be much better to have the manufacturer fix it or do the replacement. If the Panasonic TV has several HDMI ports, you can link multiple inputs to a single port using an HDMI splitter.

 However, it is still possible to fix a damaged HDMI TV port provided that one is comfortable in their soldering capabilities.  This is because the fault is experienced on the connector but not the circuit board onto where the HDMI port is fixed.

Steps on how to repair broken HDMI TV ports;

  • Unmount your Panasonic TV and place it on a solid surface. For the case of Plasma TVs, place the TVs in an upright position when working on them. Place the other types of TV screens in a way that the HDMI ports can easily be accessed.
  • Remove the Television’s outer casing. Panasonic TV versions are designed differently, and thus, ensure you don’t rush when opening the TV casing.  If you find it challenging, the casing may be attached with screws. Locate the screws and unscrew them to remove the cover.
  • Carefully have a look at the broken HDMI port. Identify any faults between the HDMI port and the corresponding circuit board. One can use a multimeter or a continuity tester to test the circuits if you cannot see any breaks. Touch the pin from the exterior part of the port and the other on the connector point on the board, which corresponds to the pin. The HDMI port contains numerous mounted pins, but not all are connected to circuits of the Panasonic TV.
  • Re-solder all broken connections you find on the port.  Re-solder the original plug if only one or two solder points are broken. Ensure that the port pins attach correctly to the circuit board. You can use the multimeter.
  • Suppose the port is highly broken; de-solder the HDMI port. Ensure that you identify the various connection points on the board. Apply heat on the connection points, and using a de-soldering pump, remove the melted solder. Remove the faulty HDMI TV port.
  • The last step is to solder the new TV port to the motherboard. Ensure that the port matches your pins.


Panasonic TVs and all other electronic devices can develop HDMI port-related problems. Inserting thick cables on these ports make them loose or even damage them. Thus, it is vital to examine the size of your TV HDMI port before purchasing an HDMI cable to the ports.

Some TV models, however, lack HDMI ports. The above article contains guidelines on how to have one on your TV. In case your TV has loose or broken ports, follow the above steps to solve the problem. If experiencing challenges, you can seek professional help.

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