How to Fix a DVD Player That Says No Disc-Easy Tips

DVD players are connected to a monitor or a TV to watch a disc or a certain CD content in most homes or entertainment halls. It can either be a film, a recorded event or even stream content. Various digital DVD players come along with cinema decoders which include Dolby digital decoders, among many others. Some of the DVD players also allow users to play different video formats on the connected TV.

However, some people may get an error like no disc when using the DVD player. This becomes challenging to many people as they may not know how to solve it. Some even don’t know what could happen because of such an error. This article will clearly explain the cause of no disc error on the DVD player and fix it.

Causes of no disk error on a DVD playerCauses of no disk error on a DVD player

Scratches and dust. Your DVD player should be free from scratches and dust as this could be the cause of the error. The severity of the scratch and your DVD player sensitivity to scratches can even damage the device. Even when the CD will play, it will be distorted in certain sections of the movie. They can easily jump or freeze.

 A dirty or a greasy disk. It can smudge the laser hence causing problems such as no disc error. A greasy disc can mess up with the workings of the player too. The reason is that a dirty or greasy CD will block the light intensity from the laser. It makes the laser go out of focus hence causing the error.

Above are some of the major causes of disc errors, among others.

Easy tips fix a DVD player that says no dischow to fix a dvd player that says no disc

Try to clean the CD before inserting it into the DVD player. The laser lens needs to be cleaned well to remove any smudges or dirt. Also, clean the disc tray in the DVD player. First, you will need to power off the DVD player and disconnect all the cables.

When cleaning the CD, use a gentle cloth and some denatured alcohol. Avoid using harsh solvents like acetone and benzene. They will cause corrosion to the polycarbonate, thus damaging the disc beyond repair. Use mild solvents such as alcohol, isopropyl or even methanol. Use them when they are in denatured form.

You can use a photographic dust blower to clean the DVD player units.

  • Confirm if the DVD player supports the kind of disc you are attempting to play. This could be because of the error. This is because some DVD players does not back up VCD, DVD or even CRDs created from a CD burner.
  • Try other discs on the DVD player to check whether the problem arises from the disc or the DVD player. Try a brand new disc if possible. This will enable you to know where exactly the problem is. If you find it is arising from the CD, you can try dusting it using a soft cloth.
  • Make sure the disc is inserted correctly in the DVD player. Drop the disc to avoid damaging it. This applies when you are playing the CD on your PC. The label side up and gently nudges the tray back to the computer; the playback should face the disc tray.
  • Check whether there is a disc in the DVD player. Maybe you could be playing the DVD player without any disc inserted. Whenever you do these, an alert will always appear on the screen indicating no disc error. Before playing, always confirm this.
  • Consider checking the DVDs player loading tray and even the laser lens. Check if the tray can load a CD smoothly. If the DVD player tray opens slowly compared to other days, use your hand to remove the disc tray if it does not automatically open.
  • Try unplugging the DVD player from the main power source. Allow it to rest for some time, the plug back. This will enable the DVD player to restart and bring positive results after his procedure. Attempt to play the disc again to see whether the problem persists.
  • Attempt to play the disc again. The second attempt can make the process successful. You could have been pressing the wrong button on the remote control. Make sure you press the right button to command the DVD player to play the disc. Sometimes an error on the DVD player can prevent the machine from reading discs properly.
  • Check to confirm whether the servo is aligned properly. Servo is one of the components of the DVD player. It controls the spin of the DVD player. If the servo is not aligned properly, the chances of the DVD player not recognizing a disc are very high. The DVD player will assume that there is no disc.
  • You can try to remove the disc from the DVD player. Leave for almost an hour to resolve the possibility of moisture condensation inside the DVD player.
  • Remove any debris from the DVD player by simply using cloth or tweezers where the need applies.
  • Check your television to confirm if everything is working as required. Make sure the cables connected to the DVD player are plugged properly.
  • Try using a region free DVD player.
  • Open the DVD player to confirm any possible damages. Check if everything is attached or aligned properly. Always remember to unplug the DVD player from the socket before opening it.


In conclusion, there are innumerable ways to fix a DVD player that says no disc. The above article clearly illustrates the best well-known tips to enable one to fix a device. In case one of the methods fails, you can always go to another one. The tips are simple to enable you to fix the DVD player on your own.

In case you find it difficult to do it on your own, you can consult an expert. Be keen to choose the most reputable and positively reviewed one. This is because the unskilled ones will end up damaging your device. The above article will always act as a guiding tool for fixing a DVD player that says no disc.

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