How to Fix Firestick That Keeps Losing Connection-Ultimate Guide

Having the Amazon Fire Stick around your house implies that you will enjoy joint home streaming technologies. However, your comfort might be ruined by the “Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Losing the Connection” error which is common about this gadget. Don’t worry because this article will provide you with essential information to fix the issue permanently.

You can connect this Firestick into the HDMI ports of your TV, allowing you to access various TV shows, videos, photos, games, music, and subscription services. Well, such a gadget accommodates all your favorite contents and transporting the device is easy. This means that you can move or travel around with your Firestick anywhere you wish.

Why am I seeing “Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Losing the Connection” error?Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Losing the Connection

I thought you should know that this device can help you to access channels and streamings of your favorite that you wished to watch. You stand a chance of getting all the necessary and advanced features plus other options that you might wish or want to see.

Well, there could be many causatives that may give rise to such an issue. Though we have some minor causatives and prominent potential triggers, below are some of the causatives;

  1. Too old software. When the software is outdated, it gives rise to glitches or bugs. The action destroys the normal performance of the Amazon Firestick; hence losing connection.
  2. Your Firestick may keep losing connection if the Wi-Fi reception around the area is very weak.

However, these issues are mainly experienced in the latest versions launched by Amazon. It’s also advisable to ensure that the software with you is up-to-date; it should have a new version.

What to do before kicking of the fixing process (Pre Tips)What to do before kicking of the fixing process

  • You are supposed to disconnect your Firestick from the TV.
  • Followed by powering off the TV, Wi-Fi router, and then restarting all these devices.
  • It’s now time to plug the Firestick again into the TV’s port and give the Television enough time to reconnect to the available Wi-fi.
  • After an excellent connection has been established, remember to restart your Amazon firestick.
  • Check or inspect to observe if the problem keeps on reappearing.

If it happens that after trying the above easy fix and the connectivity problem with your Firestick persists, don’t hesitate to employ the following solutions.

Ultimate guide on fixing Amazon Firestick that keeps losing connectionUltimate guide on fixing Amazon Firestick that keeps losing connection

Well, you don’t have to worry because we still have a lot of solution to the

  • Outdated software. When the software is too old it gives rise to glitches or bugs. The action destroys the normal performance of the Firestick; hence losing the connecting” problem.

Step 1: Reduce the distance between your Wi-Fi router and the Amazon Firestick

You never know, maybe the Wi-Fi source is too far from your Amazon Firestick gadget. Such a distance will probably trigger signal interruptions between the Firesting and the Wi-Fi device. For such a situation, it’s advisable to install them close to each other to enhance excellent and robust connection. Doing so will automatically assist you to connect with your Amazon Firestick gadget comfortably.

Step 2: Check and confirm the condition of the Ethernet cableCheck and confirm the condition of the Ethernet cable

Sometimes the Ethernet cable becomes problematic and ends up affecting the entire internet connection. If the cable is faulty then automatically the connection signal will be interrupted. So, to determine the functionality of the Ethernet cable, try using it on any available devices; confirm whether the gadget is the one with issue or not.

In case the Firestick still finds it hard to develop a robust connection, then the best solution is to replace the entire Ethernet cable. Confirm whether the issue is fixed before moving to the next step.

Step 3: Reset your Television

Sometimes it’s advisable to reset your Television; it could be the possible and easiest solution to such an issue. Complications arising from the bugs can still be fixed with this solution. Follow these minor steps to rest Your TV:

  1.     Detach the amazon Firestick from your Television again.
  2.     Now browse the main menu on your Television.
  3.     Go straight to the settings on the main menu.
  4.     Choose ‘now reset from the menu’ and hold your horses for sometimes then the Television resets completely.
  5.     Now plug back the Firestick into the Television, and attempt another connection.

Step 4: Adjust the IP address

Altering the IP address of your device might be the easiest and reliable solution to eliminate the connections issues with your Amazon Firestick. Remember, it’s possible to alter the IP address from the TV using the following steps;

  1.     Toggle through your TV’s menu and then use the remote to choose the Network.
  2.     Go straight to the In-Network status, still with the aid of the remote control.
  3.     Don’t lose your patience until the three buttons are displayed on your TV’s screen. Select the IP settings.
  4.     Now from the IP setting windows, click on the DNS settings before clicking before taping on then enter manually.
  5.     Enter the necessary internet IP address and then press OK. Give the process a few seconds to establish a robust internet connection.
  6.     The last thing will be to check your Amazon Firestick to confirm whether it’s still losing connection or the problem is fixed.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is the Amazon Firestick worthy?

Yes, such a device is excellent in giving you access to various programmes on your TV. It allows you to enjoy music, stream videos, photos, images, etc.

  • Can I fix the connectivity issues in my Amazon Firestick?

Yes, but if you don’t believe in your skills, don’t attempt. Just leave the job for an experienced lad.

Final words

Whether you like it or not, issues with electronics are inevitable; that’s once you choose to own one. If you fear such experiences, don’t use electronic devices; what about the fan? You will miss a lot, because these devices have proven that life can be so simple and enjoyable. Hopefully, you benefit from this article to comfortably fix the “Firestick keeps losing connection” problem.

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