What to Do on Epson Projector That Will Not Turn on-Complete Guide

Projectors play a huge role in displaying presentations whether in schools or at work places, especially when addressing a large crowd. They have become a game-changer because they make it easier for one to comprehend whatever that is going on during a presentation as the presenter speaks. Thus, it is always important to have a well-functioning projector before embarking on presentation so as to avoid any delays and unnecessary inconveniences. Besides, you can also use it for purposes of entertainment.

However, there are times when your Epson projector will not turn on yet your audience is waiting on you. This becomes really frustrating and you need to identify the problem and get a solution ASAP because some members of your audience may easily get impatient. This article highlights causes of this problem and the probable solutions that will help you out.

How do Epson projectors work?

Epson projectors work for both large venue audiences (auditoriums, lecture halls, concerts and religious places among others) and small ones too. They have four types of lights that help you know when there is a problem with it. They include; status light, power light, temperature light and lamp light. Look at the table below to get a clearer picture of this.

Power light Status light Lamp light Temp light Status
Blue Blue Off Off Operating normally
Blue Flashing blue Off Off Projector is cooling down or warming up
Blue Off Off Off Sleep mode
Flashing blue Varying status Varying status Flashing orange Projector is extremely hot
Off Flashing blue Off Orange Projector overheated and turned off
Off Flashing blue Orange Off Projector lamp is faulty
Flashing blue Varying light status Flashing orange Varying light status There is need to replace the lamp
Rapidly flashing blue Rapidly flashing blue Rapidly flashing orange Rapidly flashing orange Projector error that needs professional help
Off Flashing blue Orange Orange Power error
Off Flashing blue Off Flashing orange Sensor or fan has an error

Projector not turning onepson projector won't turn on

There are various reasons as to why your projector is not turning on after setting it up. This definitely worries you because you have an audience waiting or you do not want to miss your favorite movie. It may be due to improper plugging or there is a problem with the power source. Further, check if the projector’s fan is working. This is easy to notice because of the noise that the fan gives out.

First and foremost, ensure that the power cord that links the projector and the main electricity outlet connects appropriately. Make sure that the cord is not defective as well because if it is, your Epson projector will not turn on. If this is the case, you need to disconnect the cord from the projector and contact a professional.

Also, the batteries may have an issue or the batteries of the Epson projector’s remote control could be running out. Get the batteries out of the remote and rub them against a rough surface, most preferably your jeans or shorts until the batteries become slightly hot. Insert them back and try to power on the projector. Possibility is high that it will turn on but if not you need to get new batteries.

1. Sleep mode

There are times when the projector enters the sleep mode to save on energy and you are likely to assume that it is off. This happens after it gets inactive for a period of time. To get it to turn on, just begin a presentation and you are good to go. You will be able to tell that your projector is on sleep mode if its lamp goes off without warning.

2. Overheating projectorOverheating projector

Normally, when using projectors, they tend to become hot and this should not be a cause for alarm. However, when they begin overheating, it is not a good sign. This is because overheating may likely cause the Epson projector to shut down. Overheating occurs due to improper projector maintenance or if there is no proper air circulation. You will notice overheating when you see a warning message on the display.

Therefore, there are things you can do to curb against overheating. First things first, there should be nothing blocking the area surrounding the projector; the path should always be clear. Moreover, the projector vents should be clear from obstructions. Always ensure that the projector’s vents and filters are clean (no dust) at all times.

3. Projector LampProjector Lamp

Epson projectors have a projector lamp that helps with the projection of images onto a screen, making it a vital component of the projector. A good quality lamp will surely serve you a long time before it malfunctions.

If the lamp’s life expectancy reaches, it will not work like you expect it to, further causing the projector not to turn on. The best solution to this is to replace the old bulb with a new one. It is simple to tell if your lamp is failing due to the presence of an LED indicator.

4. Projector latches

Check the latches of your projector and ensure that they are correctly secured because if they are loose, your projector may fail to turn on. Similarly, you can dislocate and then locate the latches back just to be safe.

5. Projector power buttonProjector power button

Usually, projectors have a power button and you can choose to put them in lock mode if you want to because of obvious reasons such as preventing access by kids and other strangers. And it is easy to forget that the power button is in lock mode unless you want to use the projector and it does not turn on.

Unlocking the power button is the only solution to this. For an Epson projector, you need to long press and hold the button for about 2 to 10 seconds and it will unlock and power on thereafter. Nevertheless, unlocking the power button depends on different projector manufacturers. Others will need you to hold the menu and the power buttons simultaneously to unlock it.


Projectors are essential in displaying images on screens for clear understanding. Thus, when your Epson projector will not turn on, it inconveniences you a great deal. Usually, it is due to power cord troubles or maybe a loose connection. Such problems are easy to solve and get your projector up and running as soon as possible.

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