How to Convert 4 Ohm Speaker to 8 Ohm- Different Methods

How about converting a 4 ohm speaker to 8 ohm, is it possible? I got this question in my inbox, from a friend and I told her it’s absolutely possible. Adapting to speaker drivers from 4 ohm to 8 ohm is therefore necessary to home amplifiers.

I am not a prophet, but I guess you are also holding the same question and that’s why you are reading our article. Count yourself lucky, because we will ensure you get what you deserve. The report will serve you with the best dose of information concerning how to convert 4 ohm speakers to 8 ohm.

 You should therefore hold your patience and allow me to drive you down the destination. After going through the research, you will be able to understand various ways you can implement to convert 4 ohm speakers to 8 ohm speakers.

Understanding the basicsUnderstanding the basics

  • Speaker impedance

Impedance of a speaker is usually the ability of an electronic or a circuit to resist electrical current. Generally, the resistance of the amp should be equal to that of your speakers; that’s what we refer to as impedance matching. Therefore, higher ohm indicates that the circuit can deliver significant electrical power flow opposition.

Whenever you buy a speaker or amplifier, you are likely to find the (Ω) sign which represents the impedance. For this reason, you must be able to differentiate between 8 ohm and 4 ohms speakers. You should therefore be in a position to understand the sign and its meaning.

  • Parallel and series speaker wiring

Speaker wiring is one of the major factors that may affect your speaker’s impedance. Series wiring adds up the whole impedance of the speakers. On the other hand, parallel wiring tends to reduce the impedance of the speakers. In parallel format, you are required to divide the impedance by the number of speakers connected.

  • Amp damage

Sometimes, your system requires reduced current to run, the higher impedance resistance current flow can be incredible news. Ignoring the basic impedance matching rules can channel excess electrical current to the speakers. However, these speakers will never cease from consuming the required current.

This is a clear indication that reduced speaker impedance can channel heavy load to your amp since the low impedance speaker tends to drain excess power from your amp.

Methods to convert 4 ohm speaker to 8 ohmhow to convert 4 ohm speaker to 8 ohm

There are several methods that one can put into practice to convert a 4 ohm speaker to 8 ohm. Below are some of these ways;

Method 1: Series connection

The first approach you can use to convert a 4 ohm speaker to 8 ohm is by connecting two 4-ohm speakers in series to yield 8 ohm. From the above introductory part, you can realize that series connection adds the impedance of the speakers.

Method 2: Voice coil

If your speaker is aging, look around for an experienced speaker builder to replace the 8 ohm voice coil with 4-ohm voice coil. However replacing the voice coil can be more expensive than even replacing the speaker. Now that you are unable to get a correct replacement, maybe it’s time to take your speaker for reconing.

If you can do it yourself, well and good, but if you are unable, leave it to the expert. Alternatively, you can choose to remove the blown speaker completely and restore rich music.

Method 3: Install a resistorInstall a resistor

You should not forget that your main objective is to achieve an 8 ohm and do away with 4 ohm. Therefore, using a resistor can incredibly convert your 4 ohm speaker to 8 ohm. For the success of this process, you need to invest in a powerful amp that can handle up to 75% of the amplifier power.

They should be then put in parallel format with your 8 ohms cabinet. Such a technique will make your amplifier see the 8-ohm speaker load in parallel with 8 ohms power resistor for 4 ohms. However, this could lead to loss of frequency response and power.

Method 4: Add another driverAdd another driver

Another approach to convert 4 ohm to 8 ohm speakers is by adding another 4-ohm driver to your cab. You should therefore connect them in series format. When the current driver isn’t compatible with a 4 ohm speaker, replacing the driver can be the best solution to make it operate like 8 ohms.

However, replacing the driver will therefore make the 4-ohm speaker operate like an 8 ohm speaker.  But the addition can be more expensive than replacing the speaker. Connecting the two 4 ohm speakers in series will yield 8 ohms, which will no longer be a 4-ohm speaker. Therefore, your amplifier will be happy and operate excellently.

To achieve this, you should detach and get rid of both the bass drivers. Block one of the holes with the board and then insert the 8-ohm driver. Attaching an 8-ohm driver to your 4-ohm is excellent as it prevents it from damaging the system.


  • How can I change the impedance of my speaker?

The best and commonly used method to change speaker impedance is topping up an extra speaker. You can connect them either in parallel or series with the current speaker. However, doing so will also change the amplifier’s output power because the speaker tends to share power.

  • Is it difficult to drive 8 ohm or 4 ohm speakers?

Driving 4 ohm is a bit harder for your amp when everything is equal. a 4 ohm speaker tends to drain more current. In simple terms, 4-ohm speakers are less compared to 8 ohms. In short, an 8 ohm speaker is great.

  • Can a lower ohm speaker sound better?

Any speaker features an impedance rating, measured in ohms, which determines how difficult a speaker can resist power. Lower impedance enhances the electric signal, simply the music.

Final words

With all sorts of information, it’s now clear that you can convert a 4 ohm speaker to 8 ohm. We thought it was good to share with you this unique information. Remember some actions like replacing drivers or using a resistor can be expensive. Consider your pocket. 

What happens if your amplifier is only rated at 8Ω and the speakers you wish to drive are at a different impedance? to know watch this video below;

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