How to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Home Theatre- Best Tips For You

Samsung smart TV has got all the qualities of good television. One of its unique features includes a good sound quality, durability, and a big-screen picture. However, despite having all the best features, most homeowners would want to enhance the sound output. There are innumerable external sound systems like home theatre, stereo receivers, and soundbar.

The most commonly used external sound system is the home theatre. A home theatre will automatically produce a brilliant sound mix when connected to your television. You can easily regulate and control the sound volume according to your preference. Most people find it challenging to connect the Samsung smart TV to the home theatre.

Tips on how to connect Samsung smart TV to home theatre

RCA connectionconnect samsung smart tv to home theater

RCA connection is the easiest and the most used method to improve one’s TV listening experience. You are only required to connect your Samsung smart TV’s analog stereo outputs to your home theatre. They are ideal to use if you do not have digital HDMI or optical options.

Easy steps to follow when connecting RCA cable

  1. Firstly, using analog stereo cables, connect the mini-stereo plug (3.5mm) to your Samsung smart TV audio output.
  2. After that, connect the same RCA plug to the home theatre systems audio in ports. It ensures that the frequency stereo from your Samsung smart TV is sent to your mounted home theatre.
  3. Turn on your home theatre and follow the guidelines which will follow.
  4. Lastly, select the input on the home theater system for you to hear the brilliant sound produced.

Ensure that you follow these steps when mounting a Samsung smart TV to your home theatre. There are cases where the Samsung smart TV lacks the RCA connection. If this happens, you can opt to use a stereo mini-jack. Fix the mini-jack to the RCA’s cable adapter, and your connection will be successful.

Digital optical connectionDigital optical connection

This type of connection is perfect when using an audio Samsung TV. It involves the use of fiber optics to transmit audio data from the home theatre to the TV. They possess designed connectors and cables. The optical cable allows light to pass through it in pulses. These pulses are altered into electrical pulses, which carry along with information in an audio form.

 The electrical pulse is then transformed into an analog signal and amplified so that you can hear it. Digital optical connection has lower transmission loss than other metal cables, making it ideal for longer distances. They can be used temporarily.

Easy steps to follow for digital optical connection

  1. Fix the digital audio output from your Samsung smart TV to the digital audio on the home theater system.
  2. Use the home theatre system remote to set the HTS to the input you fixed the optical cable. The significant serial number of the home theatre system remote features a button that enables you to shift between diverse inputs. It would be best if you always pressed the button before you continue.
  3. After that, you will hear the sound booming out of the speakers of the home theatre.
  4. If you do not hear any sound from your home theatre system, check your TV audio output setting and search for an option commonly known as PCM. It will help you get rid of the problem. This type of error occurs when the home theatre is equipped with optical audio input functionality but lacks built-in Digital Dobly or DTS 2.0 PLUS decoding capacity.

By applying these steps, you will achieve the best digital optical connection between your sound system and the smart TV. Sometimes your home theatre might start receiving a 2- channel signal from your TV. If this happens, ensure you go through the home theatre’s user manual to know how to go about it.

The ARC HDMI connectionThe ARC HDMI connection

ARC HDMI connection is another solution one can opt for when connecting a smart TV with a sound system. For it to be possible, your Samsung smart TV should have an HDMI connection input labeled HDMI-ARC.  ARC means audio return channel. This unique feature is designed to limit the number of connected cables within your TV and the home theatre system.

With the HDMI-ARC, there will be signal and sound quality because the audio signal will travel to and from your home theatre system. It Will not require dual audio or optical cable connected to your home theatre. When using the ARC HDMI connection, ensure that you use HDMI 1.4 cable or higher than this. You need to activate the HDMI- CEC setting to ensure the HDMI- ARC setting on your TV is correct.

The HDMI –ECE protocol is denoted as Anynet+ on Samsung smart TV. To turn HDMI-ECE on your TV, here is the procedure to use.

  1. Use the home button on your Samsung TV remote control, then select setting.
  2. On the setting bar, select the available menu, then select the external device manager.
  3. A menu will be displayed on the screen showing you the Anynet+. Press the enter button on the remote control to either turn this feature on or off.

Easy steps to follow for ARC HDMI connection

  1. Check whether the TV has an HDMI- ARC port which is mostly labeled at the back of the TV.
  2. Turn on both the TV and the home theatre system.
  3. Now connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI-ARC on the home theatre system and the HDMI port on your Samsung smart TV. After this, now turn on both the TV and the home theatre system.


In conclusion, there is a wide variety of methods to connect Samsung smart TV to the home theatre system. The above article clearly illustrates the most recommendable methods to use. The use of the ARC- HDMI connection method, a digital optical connection, and an RCA connection will give you excellent results. You can easily choose which method to use based on the available cables for connectivity.

It is always advisable to consult an expert in case you need help regarding connectivity. Choose the most reputable and positively reviewed expert for guidance. This is because some may claim to be skilled but end up damaging your TV or the home theatre system. Having the best connection between your TV and the home theatre enables you to enjoy an excellent and exciting performance.

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