How to Connect Onkyo Receiver to Samsung Smart TV-Easy Steps

Setting up the Onkyo receiver to Samsung smart TV will always bring the best television experience ever. However, it becomes challenging for most people. This is because some of them lack the guidance and knowledge on how to go about it. Most people would fix them by themselves, while others would contact an expert to help them.

Moreover, in this article, I will take your tools and methods to go about it. You will be able to connect the Onkyo receiver to Samsung smart TV from the comfort of your home. The guide will help connect it by yourself without necessarily asking for any assistance from the specialist. You will be able to get the perfect sound from the speakers.

A brief guide to connecting Onkyo receiver to Samsung smart TV

HDMI-ARC connectionconnect onkyo receiver to samsung smart tv

When using this method, it is always advisable to have your Anynet+ turned on in the menu. The Anynet+ is found on the Samsung smart TV. You will use this method if and only if both the TV and Onkyo receiver support it. This connection is designated to increase the smart TV’s sound quality, hence giving you the best entertainment experience ever.

Easy steps to follow to connect using the HDMI-ARC method

  1. Connect the first end of the HDMI cable from the ARC HDMI port of the Samsung smart TV to the ARC connection of the Onkyo receiver.
  2. Attach the other end of the HDMI cable to the CBL/SAT connection of the Onkyo receiver.
  3. Adjust the Samsung smart TV speakers and all the HDMI options on the Onkyo receiver to or auto.

 If you find it unsuccessful, try turning the receiver and the TV off, then restart the entire process again. HDMI-ARC connection works best on Onkyo receiver. It would be best to have another optical or digital audio-enabled cable that connects to the HDMI-ARC matching sound system with an HDMI connection.

Onkyo receiver connection to the Samsung smart TV using BluetoothOnkyo receiver connection to the Samsung smart TV using Bluetooth

One of the best features of the Samsung smart TV is connecting to the Onkyo receiver through Bluetooth functionality. If your Onkyo receiver is Bluetooth enabled, this is the easiest method because it does not require any cables. It is an entirely wireless method. You are required to ensure that your Onkyo receiver Bluetooth has the same features as your Samsung smart TV.

Easy steps to follow

  1.  On the receiver’s remote control, locate the home button and select it. Choose the setting option, a screen with various options displays. From the listed options, choose the sound option, then select the sound output option.
  2. After this, press the speaker list, and in your case, select your Onkyo receiver. Make sure the Bluetooth device is active and is already in pairing mode.
  3. Opt to the pair option and wait for your Onkyo receiver to respond.
  4.  When both the TV and the Onkyo receiver have successfully paired, proceed by selecting ok on the TV remote control. At this point, you would have successfully connected your Onkyo receiver to Samsung smart TV.

If you encounter any trouble, try to check if your Onkyo receiver is currently paired with any other device. Try to bring it closer to the TV, preferably a meter.

Connection using digital opticalConnection using digital optical

Before using this method, confirm whether your Samsung smart TV has an optical audio output because the Onkyo receiver has an optical audio input. Digital optical connection involves the use of fiber optics.  They have specially designed connectors and cables.

Easy steps to follow on a digital optical method

  1. Take your digital optical cable and connect the digital audio output on your computer to the Onkyo receiver. After this, turn on the Onkyo receiver.
  2. Take the Onkyo receiver remote and set the receivers to the input you connected the optical cable to.
  3. After this, you will hear sound coming out of the Onkyo receiver.

If, by any chance, you do not hear any sound from the receiver, check your Samsung smart TVs audio output setting using a remote control. You can also turn off the TV speakers to get them working correctly. You need to set the output to PCM stereo to help you solve any problems in a poor connection. This becomes an ideal solution in instances where the Onkyo receiver is fitted out with audio input functionality. 

RCA connectionRCA connection

RCA connection happens to be one of the effective methods to use. You are only required to connect your Samsung smart TV to stereo outputs, commonly known as RCA outputs, to your Onkyo receiver.

Easy steps to follow on RCA connection

  1. Using the RCA cables on your Onkyo receiver, connect the mini-stereo plug (3.5) to your Samsung smart TVs audio output.
  2.  After this, connect the same RCA plugs to your receiver audio in the ports.
  3. Turn on the Onkyo receiver and follow the simple guidelines that will follow after that.
  4.   After doing that, select the input on your receiver for you to hear the sound.

If you keenly follow the steps mentioned above, you will successfully connect your Onkyo receiver to Samsung smart TV using the RCA connection method. It is always advisable to confirm whether the TV is equipped with (3.5mm) RCA before trying this method.


In conclusion, there are numerous methods to connect the Onkyo receiver to Samsung smart TV. The above article clearly illustrates the most effective and most accessible ways to use. You can use the RCA connection method, Bluetooth connection method, digital optical method, and even HDMI- ARC method. The above methods are suitable for every Samsung smart TV.

Onkyo receiver can connect your Samsung smart TV, thus providing stereo surround sound when watching movies or listening to music. If you find it challenging to connect your Onkyo receiver to Samsung smart TV, you can ask an expert or a specialist to take you through. Be keen when choosing the specialist, as some may end up tampering with the TV device or the receiver. Always go for the most reputable and positively reviewed specialist.

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