Complete Guide on How to Connect Old Bose System to New TV

Bose systems are used in designing portable-use devices and sound systems of high quality. Various Bose systems are designed in a way that they can be paired with Samsung home TVs. They are thus compatible. The pairing can be done using cables, or one can opt to use a wireless Bluetooth connection. However, the wireless connection will best work on newly acquired Samsung TVs.

Bose systems use electromagnetic amplifiers and motors.  They enable them to regenerate electricity, hence being easy to control. Bose systems bring about high sound volumes. They can be installed in small vehicles to boost their sound systems, bringing about comfortability while inside the car.

Connection cables and portsConnection cables and ports

It is always vital to ensure that you look at the port options before connecting your Bose sound system with your TV. The cables are bought separately from the manufacturer. Thus, one has to make a choice on which particular cable to get for the connection. Get the cable that will best suit your system ports.

HDMI cables are the most preferred cables for the connection. It ensures a digital link between the system and your Samsung TV. On can as well use the newly introduced HDMI Arc from the manufacturer. It allows the connected television and the soundbar to work in both directions.

A different option is by using an optical cable. It is the standard and easiest connection option for the Bose system and your TV. Optical cables can also be used in connecting peripheral devices like Xbox systems, Blu-ray, among others.

Optical cable and HDMI connections provide the best quality, thus more preferred.

Another way to connect a Bose system to your Samsung TV is by using an auxiliary cable. Auxiliary cables are commonly used in speaker connections. They can also be used in cars to connect a handset to the car’s stereo through a simple audio jack. The auxiliary connection is feasible for Bose sound systems.

How to connect old Bose system to new TVconnect old bose system to new tv

As discussed, choosing the best fit cable for your connection will be the first attempt. You can then proceed to make the physical connection. Turn off both the old Bose system and your television first for the HDMI connection. The next step is to connect the HDMI cable to its matching socket on your new television.

Fix the other end of the cable to the output channel of the old Bose system. Switch on the soundbar and then your television. From the display, select the ‘source’ option, then choose ‘function.’ To bridge the connection between your TV and the Bose system, choose the HDMI alternative.

When using the optical cable for your connection, connect one end of the cable to your Samsung TV’s optical output port. The other end should then be connected to the digital audio input port to the Bose system. The next step is to set up the cable by pressing the ‘source’ option. On pressing this option, you now have to choose the D.IN selection.

The television displays audio setting options on the screen. Under speaker output, choose the external speaker option.

When using the auxiliary cable option, the connection will be a bit easier. However, the quality of the sound output is shallow compared to the digital ones. On the Bose system auxiliary input port, plug one end of the cable and the other end to the TV’s audio out port. Ensure you complete the sound connection.

 From the Bose system remote, select the source option and ensure it is set to AUX. This completes the sound system. Your plan should now be ready to play if you followed the above steps. You can now turn on the television sound, which starts playing perfectly through the Bose sound system.

Wireless Bluetooth connectionWireless Bluetooth connection

Apart from using auxiliary, optical, and HDMI cables, you can opt to use Bluetooth to connect your Bose system and Samsung TV. It is applicable, especially when making temporary connections. One may decide to apply this method to avoid wired connections at large.

It is very easy to connect the Bose sound system to your TV. Bluetooth connection allows one to bridge the Bose system and TV connection easily. However, this connection offers less quality sound as compared with the previously discussed cable connections.

Easy steps to follow when using Bluetooth connection

Below are easy steps to follow when connecting an old Bose sound system to your Samsung TV using a Bluetooth connection;

  1. a)     On the sound system’s remote, press the pairing button. You can as well press the button directly from the Bose speaker.
  2. b)   Turn on your Samsung TV.
  3. c)     From the menu tab displayed, find the ‘sources’ option and select it.
  4. d)   Choose the ‘connection guide’ option.
  5. e)     From a list of Bluetooth devices displayed, choose the Bose speaker.

 All the displayed devices are usually ready to be connected. It is, therefore, necessary for one to be keen when selecting the device to connect. Ensure that you choose the Bose sound system. Selecting the Bose speaker will complete the pairing, and the connection starts working.

One of the advantages of this Bluetooth connection is that it offers flexibility when operating more than one device from the same Bose speaker. It is also possible to connect your handset with the Bose speaker using the Bluetooth connection. One can thus enjoy an excellent performance of their TV streaming through the Bose sound system.

Bose soundbar modelsBose soundbar models

The most popular soundbar models include soundbars 500 and 700 models. Both setups can be connected using wireless Bluetooth connections as well as wired connections. The configurations deliver quality sounds as they utilize both the digital HDMI and digital cable connections.


Many individuals would wish to have the best home entertainment. One would go for a new TV but might not be pleased with its sound quality. Acquiring a Bose sound system will help you boost your TV’s sound performance. It may be old, but you will enjoy the entire performance on the proper connection to the TV.

Having the correct connection of your new TV with an old Bose sound system will help you solve your hunger for quality sound. Various hardwired connections include the use of HDMI cables, optical cables, and auxiliary cables. A newly purchased TV can also be connected to the old Bose system using a wireless Bluetooth connection. Ensure you follow the above-discussed procedures for a successful connection.

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