How do I connect external speakers to my Sony Bravia TV?- Easy Steps For You

Connecting external speakers to your Sony Bravia TV can enhance remarkable watching and listening experience around your house. However, we have some folks asking “How do I connect external speakers to my Sony Bravia TV?” question. I want to assure you that this is something you can try out before contacting an expert.

There are mainly two prominent ways to allow you to externalize the sound of your Sony Bravia TV. The methods allow you to hear your TV sound via your home theater system or a stereo receiver. You want to know why? Let’s get in touch!

Methods to connect external speakers to a Sony Bravia TVconnect external speakers to my sony bravia tv

As explained from the introductory part, we will cover two ways to externalize the sound of your Sony Bravia TV. They include;

  1. Analog audio: Connection using Audio Cable
  2. Preferred method: HDMI connection with the aid of Audio Return Channel (ARC) mechanism.

What you need to do is to sit back, relax and follow the steps in these two techniques. You need to understand that the steps in these methods are often the common ones. I say so because your user manual might be having other reliable ways to externalize the audio of your Sony Bravia TV. It’s therefore advisable to check and confirm the available methods from the user manual with you or from your model’s support page.

1.   Preferred method: HDMI connection with the aid of Audio Return Channel (ARC) mechanismHDMI connection with the aid of Audio Return Channel (ARC) mechanism

Some of the necessary materials you need have under this method are;

  • HDMI cable
  • TV
  • TV Out ARC connection
  • Audio system
  • HDMI ARC input on your TV

Step 1: Connect the HDMI cord to the specific ARC HDMI ports

Inspect for the ARC HDMI ports or any other port that’s identified as ARC from your user manual.

Step 2: Setup the speakers to your Audio system

Press the HOME function on your remote control and then choose Settings. The next thing will be based on the menu of your TV. But, you need to choose ‘Display and sound,’ Audio output, Speakers, and then Audio system. Now, select Sound, Speakers, and then Audio system.

Step 3: Power ON the HDMI controller setting

You need to ensure that the Control of HDMI setting is ON for both the external speakers and the TV. Remember the process for enabling the Control for HDMI mechanism can sometimes vary. Refer from your user manual about the operating instructions for specific procedures of your model.

However, in case there’s no sound after the above action, you are required to advance to the next step and see whether the problem is solved or not. Here we go again:

  1. Restart your Home Theater system or the AV receiver. This action is very simple as you have to immediately power on the system after turning it off. Power on the external speakers and see whether the issue is handled or not.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cord from your Bravia TV and AV receiver or sound Bar. You need to make sure that the Ports labeled ARC are joined to each other using an HDMI cable. These HDMI ports are usually labeled ARC on either side (Home Theater system and Bravia Tv).
  3. Reset or perform a power restart on your Sony Bravia TV, AV receiver, and sound bar. After powering off your AV receiver or Home Theater System, restart your Bravia TV using the stipulated methods from the user manual.
  4. Check and ensure the software of your Bravia System is up-to-date,

2.   Analog audio: Connection using Audio Cable 

Connection using Audio Cable 

You require several materials under this section; if you choose it. Some of these materials and accessories include;

Option 1

  • TV
  • Analog Audio cable for Analog Audio
  • 3-pole stereo mini jack
  • Audio (R) INPUT
  • Audio (L) INPUT
  • Audio (R) OUTPUT
  • Audio (L) OUTPUT
  • Audio OUT/Headphone OUTPUT

Option 2

  • Audio system
  • HDMI cable for VIDEO
  • TV
  • Coaxial Digital cable for Digital Audio
  • Optical Digital cable for Digital Audio
  • Coaxial Digital Audio INPUT
  • Coaxial Digital Audio OUTPUT
  • Optical Digital Audio INPUT
  • Optical Digital Audio OUTPUT

Based on the TV model with you, there might not be some jacks. If not available, don’t worry because you can get such accessories and parts from the website.

1) Connect the CDC (Coaxial Digital Cable), Audio cable, or Optical Digital Cable to the audio output port of your TV.

2) Attach the other end of the cord to the specific ports on your stereo receiver/Home Theater System. Here, you simply have to search for VIDEO INPUT or TV INPUT based on your external speaker system.

3) Power on your Television and give some few seconds to load the program.

4) When utilizing the ODC connection, set the speaker to your Audio system.

5) Set the TV audio to your favorite setting to either variable or variable. However, some TVs don’t have such a setting.

6) The next thing you have to do is to switch on your home theater or system stereo receiver to externalize the sound of your Sony Bravia TV.

7) Lastly, you are supposed to set the home theater or system stereo receiver to a recommendable input.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Where is audio out on my Sony Bravia TV?
  1. On your remote control, tap on the HOME button.
  2. Select Settings, Preferences, Setup, AV Setup, Headphone/Audio out, and then Audio out.
  3. Choose the RETURN or BACK button to toggle back to AV Setup.
  4. Choose Audio out → Fixed.
  • Can I connect headphones to my Sony Bravia TV?

Yes, it’s possible to power your Android TV with different types of wireless headphones, sound bars or speakers via Bluetooth connection. But, the devices should be compatible.

Final words

After externalizing the audio of your Sony Bravia TV, you need to understand that muting or reducing the volume of the Television will leave the external speaker soundless. This is simply because they coordinate and any alteration to either of them may leave you with no sound.

This video below can also help you to connect external Speaker to TV:

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