How to Clean Ohm Walsh 2 Speaker Covers -Step by Step Guide

Electronics must have items in any given setting to make life more interesting. However, the same gadgets are famous for attracting dust and debris that could damage them if not tackled immediately. For this reason, having the knowledge on how to clean ohm Walsh 2 speaker covers is necessary.

If you are planning to clean your ohm Walsh 2 speaker covers, then you are at the right place. Worry less because we are going to equip you with necessary information to carry out the task. The entire process isn’t a big deal with the help of simple cleaning materials.

This article will therefore discuss specific cleaners and materials for cleaning speakers properly. Besides, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to carry out the task. You will be able to clean the ohm Walsh 2 speaker covers.

How to clean ohm Walsh 2 speaker covers (ultimate guide)how to clean ohm walsh 2 speaker covers

Determining the material type used to make your speaker is always advisable so that you can choose the suitable cleaners. Mostly, the cabinets of speakers can be made from different materials like maple, pine, birch, oak, walnut, cherry, etc. alternatively, the cabinet can be stained wood or painted, giving it the natural look.

Some manufacturers may also enrich the cabinet with lacquer, varnish, wax, or polyurethane, which shows off a satiny or glossy sheen. Well, after understanding the material of your speaker’s cover, follow these steps to clean ohm Walsh 2 speaker covers;

Step 1: Assembling necessary cleaners and materialsAssembling necessary cleaners and materials

From the above introductory section, you should assemble materials or cleaners on the type of your speaker’s materials. Well, you may get this information from the user manual as the manufacturer may suggest sprays or solutions that may not harm your speaker covers. For instance, MDF and plywood react to liquids compared to normal wood.

You should therefore not choose a cleaner that is too harmful to strip off existing finish or wax. Your speaker might be safe, but now the problem is seen on the speaker covers; it will lose the touch. In such cases, you are discouraged from using cleaners designed for wood. Besides, you should not use cleaners meant for all-purpose, bath, kitchen, or glass.

For this reason, I would suggest buying substances like Murphy’s Oil Soap or Howard Orange Oil Wood Polish because they are safe. Alternatively, a solution of mild detergent and warm water can be the best bet for cleaning ohm Walsh 2 speaker. In case the cover has sticky stains or dirt, topping the mixture with some baking soda can be the best idea.

Oiling is then applied not only to make the speaker shiny, but to protect it too. For plywood, Vinyl, or laminated, varnish remains the best choice.

Step 2: cleaning the covers

Take a microfiber or cotton towel to clean the covers. Look around for any used cotton t-shirt rather than paper towels which leave the surface with unwanted fibers. You should have two pieces; one for drying and the other one for wet-cleaning.

Step 3: Wet-cleaning the speaker covers

Start by making the wet-cleaning cloth damp with your cleaning liquid then apply it on the surface. Wipe down the surface using the fabric to control the usage of the cleaning substance. You should start cleaning the speaker from one side with the help of your wet cloth.

Step 4: Wiping offWiping off

The next action will be to wipe down the surface, following the grain direction. Doing so will preserve the speaker’s appearance for an extended period. After you are done with one side, advance to the remaining side after wiping remaining residue. You may be forced to wipe the surfaces with the plain water if you used soap mixture for cleaning. Use a dry cloth to dry the surface completely.

You should be careful as no one would wish excess cleaning substance to soak into your speaker covers. This may damage and warp the cabinet.

Step 5: Cleaning bottom and top surface

After cleaning the sides, the next place will be the bottom and top sides. While handling these places, you should be careful about the cracks or seams because these places may collect both residues and liquids. You can use Q-tip cotton swabs since they are suitable for cleaning intricate areas on your speaker.

Step 6: Protecting the covers

After you are through with cleaning the covers, the next action will be to protect the speaker covers with some varnishing or oiling. Apply a few coatings to restore and maintain the look of the equipment. Under this step, you are supposed to use a different piece of cleaner for oil or varnish coating.

Tips when cleaning speakers

  • You should carry out a test of the new cleaning substance on an unobtrusive place of your speaker first. You should not allow the covers to absorb the cleaning substance.
  • Confirm from the user manual of your speaker for suggested cleaners.
  • You should not use harmful chemicals or soaps to clean your speaker covers because this may damage the surface.
  • Reading the labels of a given product is inevitable before kicking off the cleaning process. You should be sure that whatever cleaner you intend to use is safer for your equipment.
  •  Avoid using a cleaner with solvent on the wood veneer because the cleaning agent may consume the glue as time goes by.


  • Should I clean the terminals of my speaker?

Of course yes. They are found at the back of your speaker and are always robust. However, sometimes they tend to accumulate dirt and dust after a long period of time in service. Narrow-hose vacuum can be the best bet for blowing out the dust.

  • What should I use to clean speaker cones?

These components are delicate, meaning that they require a lot of care. Therefore, you are discouraged from using a cloth or vacuum, but a can of compressed air to clean them.

Final words

Cleaning ohm Walsh 2 speakers should be a breeze with the help of our article. We have covered a lot of tips and procedures for cleanliness. Follow the steps correctly and remember to use recommended cleaning substances for better results.

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