Audio Technica atr2500 vs At2020- Which Is the Best

Audio Technica is a Japan-based business that produces a wide range of high-quality products, such as microphones, turntables, and other accessories, among other things. AT has been in business since 1962 and has received multiple honors for its unmatched craftsmanship. … Read More

audio technica at8024 vs rode videomic pro

Audio Technica at8024 vs Rode Video Mic Pro- Compare Them

The AT8024 Stereo Mic is a straightforward yet powerful alternative for collecting high-resolution sound for video applications. Selectable line-cardioid Mono and internally matrixed half stereo filming modes give you the flexibility to concentrate the recordings on a specific sound source … Read More

audio technica at4040 vs rode nt1

Audio Technica at4040 vs Rode Nt1- Complete Guide

The AT4040 side-address condenser recorder has an advanced large diaphragm that has been precisely tensioned to give smooth, natural sound qualities. The AT4040 mixes design, techniques, and artistry that provide a wide dynamic range, low noise, and high SPL capacity … Read More

audio technica at2020 vs blue yeti

Audio Technica at2020 vs. Blue Yeti–Which Is the Best?

Finding an appropriate vocal microphone has required time and effort for so many years now, even if you’re setting up your studio. Given the increased demand for home-based vocalists and multimedia creators nowadays, we’ll examine two different condenser microphones; the … Read More