Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro vs. audio Technica ATH m50x

ATH-M50x is a smooth frequency rate studio with mixing tracking abilities that ensure outstanding coverage with good upgrades .With its soft monitoring features, ATH-M50x has gained positive feedback from top pro audio engineers and audio reviewers.  On the other hand, DT 770 is recommended due to the impedance changes that have a higher demand.

Since all the two headphones are reasonable, we need to get the best use among the two.  Therefore, you need to have an idea of the features of the two headphones before coming up with the result. The features are in terms of the design, weight that differs, quality of sound, and others. The features can either be different or be the same according to their make and preference.

The article below shows the similarities and differences of the two headphones, the most recommended among them, their advantages and disadvantages, frequently asked questions, and lastly, the conclusion.

Quick comparison table

comparison Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro ATH M50x
Cables Has no detachable cables Has detachable cables
design Large small
Quality of sound Clear and dry sounds Good bass
durability More durable Less durable
comfort comfortable uncomfortable

Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro vs. audio Technica ATH m50x-Differences between these headphones

beyerdynamic dt 770 pro vs audio technica ath m50x
  • Cables

The audio Technica m50 x has cables that you can interchange since they vary with each other, while the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro has cables that you can only detach from the headphones set.

  • Durability

The durability of the headphones depends on their build quality. Since the two headphones are metallic and plastic materials, they can all last for a long time. However, the padding of Beyerdynamic DT 770 or DT 770 pro headphones is firm, and it doesn’t get torn out easily. On the other hand, the Audio Technica m50x has a dense plastic that helps protect them from damages and increases their durability.  

  • Quality of sound

The bass amount of the 770 pros is slightly negative, showing that the headphones have a base light sound profile with a treble amount that is also negative, indicating that the sound profile is warm.   All these show that the bass sound of the DT 770 pro is noticeable and dry. On the other hand, the excellent bass of the Audio technica m50x is known for its high frequency and thumping bass with a bright sound profile.

  • Comfort

Beyerdynamic DT 770 is more comfortable since it has big ear cups made of soft squishy material, making them comfortable with good padding that makes them durable. You can use these headphones for a longer time without getting tired.  On the other hand, the M50x is not comfortable. However much the tightness it has in that it has a good fitting, it will cause some pains and can cause headaches with time.

  • Design

In DT 770 pro headphone, you will see it has round and large ear-cups, making the design look good. And the essential thing is that the DT 770 has splendid sound isolation. It is tight, which makes it sound better. On the other hand, the Audio Technica has a smaller design than the DT 770 pro and has many rounds. Similarly, it is not tight; therefore, it enhances comfort when using them.

DT 770 pro


  • It is comfortable when wearing them
  • It has a good bass
  • Their minds are clear and crisp
  • Suitable for all genres


  • It lacks a detachable cable
  • It is not portable.

Audio Technica ATH m50x


  • It has a detachable cable
  • They produce good quality and high punch bass.
  • They are portable and you can move them from one place to the other.
  • Are suitable for use in the studio


  • When the frequency is high, the sound becomes a bit harsh
  • In the mids, the sound becomes low
  • It has a flimsy construction

Similarities of the two headphones

Similarities of the two headphones
  • Design

Both of them are closed-back studio monitor headphones.

  • Power requirements

 The two types of headphones do not require any current to operate.

  • Performance

Both have the same function since they all produce good music for the ears.

  • Warranty

Both devices come with a warranty, with one having a contract of one year while the other has a guarantee of two years.

Which one is the most recommended headphone

Which one is the most recommended headphone

The best headphone type to use is the Audio Technica M50x because of its features. First, the headphones have a higher sound pressure which makes them naturally loud when you use them to listen to any music.

It also has a magnet that makes it lighter and more powerful for use. It has a lower impedance which is quite good where the impedance gets a good level of volume. Lastly, the device is portable, that you can fold it and place it in the bag.

However, you can also choose the DT 770 pro since it has more outstanding qualities, like being more comfortable and light.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the primary factor that you need to consider when buying headphones?

When choosing the best type of headphones to use, it is good to check on your personal preference to select a device that fulfills your desires.


Depending on the best type of music you listen to, you will have to choose the kind of headphones that fit you well. All the two devices in the article above are suitable, but you can select them according to your preference. The DT 770 pro is good since it is more comfortable and can work with all types of music, while the Audio Technica has limited choices. However, the M50x has more quality features than the other ones, such that it is portable and durable. The article above shows the similarities and differences of the two devices with their advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, kindly follow the article to know each device’s features that help you choose the best among the two for use. Remember, people have different tests for music and activities they carry, so it is good to select a device that you know well can work with your best at your place.

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