Best Vintage Sansui Speakers: All You Need to Know Before Buying

If you are in love with elderly electronics, Sansui is one of the best brands that offers reliable speakers. The Company ensures its customers enjoy great sounding and performance. Their products raised my eyebrows, and that’s why I decided to sample the five best vintage Sansui speakers.

 I will specifically take you through each review and then give you a reliable buying guide. Since we have many options in the stores, I thought it would be wiser to equip you with the five best options. You don’t have to waste your time searching for these 70s models; give me your attention.

Top 5 best vintage Sansui speakers

1. Vintage Sansui S-815 Stereo Speakers

Despite being 80s speakers, Sansui S-815 stereo speakers are remarkable. They are a three-way speaker system, offering you an exciting music experience. I can testify that they have been selling old versions and still choose these models instead of new ones.

Features and benefits

Balanced sound: You will experience no distortion while using this speaker on your stereo. The sound is balanced, offering your noise-free audio production. This allows you to enjoy your different music from various sources.

Unique design: Another reason why this product is on our list is the good punchy bottom. The mechanism makes the item superior to some of its competitors, both early and newer models.

Fresh foam: The manufacturer uses fresh foam instead of woofer surrounds. In short, the machine is very bright and efficient when necessary. The speaker remains suitable when advancing from medium to higher volumes; the transition is soft.

Wood smidgeon vinyl: The device is surrounded by a stunning cabinet design that is in excellent condition. It’s hard to differentiate this model from the original ones. More so, the grills in this speaker are dark navy, advancing to the next generation.

  • The housing or cabinet is incredible
  • The bottom end punchy looks nice
  • Its sound is balanced
  • Superior performance
  • It may experience small dents near the mid-dust caps

Sansui S-815 has undergone all the tests and is proven to work great. This means that there’s no need to worry about the product’s functionality.


2. Vintage Sansui Sp-2000 Stereo Speakers

Another product from the same Company is the Sp-2000 stereo speaker with everything you might need to advance your audio experience. The item doesn’t mess with your home entertainment due to lively innovations.

Features and benefits

Nice-looking design: The housing and the grills are all in good condition to enhance the unit’s functionality.  Sometimes the speaker may experience minor, normal cosmetic wear. The wood lattice is original, structurally sound and boasts good shape.

Superior drivers: All the drivers in this model are tested to get what you pay for. All the gasket materials and driver frames are in great condition and are useful in reducing chances of acoustic anomalies and vibration.

Refurbished cabinets: The housing of this speaker looks excellent because it’s equipped with a “Restore-A-Finish”. It’s also coated with “Feed-n-Wax”.

3-position attenuators: Other features like HI and MID are tremendous and are clean to enhance stress-free performance. The attenuators, on the other hand, ensure you don’t experience cutting out.

  • Three-position alternators
  • Stress-free performance
  • Good condition
  • It looks excellent
  • Minor defects like cosmetic wear can face it

Due to all these features, Sansui S-815 speakers remain superior for nonstop music play. It won’t show some signs of ‘tiredness’; buy the item.


3. Vintage Sansui Sp-3500 Stereo Speakers

Here is another refurbished speaker from the Sansui brand with all the necessary features to enrich your listening experience. All the drivers of the machine were reinstalled to the cabinet with gasket material.

Features and benefits

Gasketing material: This technology is very important for reducing chances of acoustic anomalies and vibration. More so, its grill is in great condition without any missing parts or breaks.

HI and MID attenuators: Another exciting feature one should expect to see in this model is the MID & HI attenuators cleaned and burnished to enhance static-free performance.

Hand-carved lattice grills: The product boasts such an incredible feature just like other Sansui options with ‘Kumiko’ fretwork. The shape of the speaker is also good; no need to worry about its longevity.

Curved design: The manufacturer gave this speaker a curved design to enhance robust and impressive sound diffusion.

Durable: Enjoy using the speaker for some years without signs of wear. They are sold, and you won’t experience noticeable chips or breaks.

  • Not associated with vibrations
  • Curved design enhances impressive sound diffusion
  • Grills are in good condition
  • Static-free performance
  • Quite expensive

Refurbished attenuators deliver static-free performance while the gasket material around the frames improves air seals. This will eventually minimize the chances of anomalies and vibrations.


4. Vintage Sansui Sp 5500 Stereo Speakers

Some people refer to these speakers as the Baddest and the biggest monsters with loud sound. The model served as the big brother of speakers like Sp-3500 and Sp-2500.

Features and benefits

Massive speaker: you need to be aware that this Sansui speaker is bigger and can weigh up to 107 pounds. I can say that these are a few models that Sansui used a lot of its resources.

Robust performance: You need to also to understand that Sp-5500 high-quality speakers are very loud, accurate and punchy. I say so because your sound will be ‘alive’.

Walnut wood veneer cabinet finish: Sp-5500 is an excellent option due to its finish and the actual grills; they are hand-curved. Like with other ‘Kumiko’ fretwork, you should expect the same feature in this Sansui speaker. Its grills don’t have any chips or breaks; hence, long-lasting.

Curved design: The curved design in this model is to support outstanding sound diffusion. Additionally, these units are tested and certified to be safe and in good condition. The drivers of our stereo speaker sound and work great to equip you with professional sound engineering.

Gasketing material: This is another technology that Sansui has utilized to manufacture almost all of its speakers. The main purpose of the mechanism is to minimize the chances of anomalies and vibrations. You will therefore enjoy the static-free performance.

  • Gasketing material
  • Static-free performance
  • Louder speaker
  • Robust performance
  • Sometimes cut-out sound might be compromised due to the attenuator’s failure.


5. Vintage Sansui SP-200 Stereo Speakers

Last but not least is the SP-200 Sansui speaker who can work if you are not impressed with the first four options. They are just similar to others, especially when it comes to performance. Of course, there is some uniqueness being caused by the feature. These features include;

Features and benefits

Restore-a-finish cabinets: For better detailing, the manufacturer tried to equip this SP-200 speaker with some coating over the cabinets. Besides, the Freed-n-Work coating has been initiated to represent ‘original lustre’.

Durable design: For the speaker’s longevity, the manufacturer chose to clean the speaker using compressed air and brushes; it looks great. You won’t experience breaks, mostly at the real ‘Kumiko’ lattice.

Heavy-duty drivers: The drivers in this device are detached, and then gasket material is added to all the drivers. Doing so is significant for sealing the drivers and rear panel to exclude the need to seal cabinet and resonance.

Attenuators: SP-200 features attenuators that are necessary for reducing distortion. Besides, this mechanism is also essential in ensuring non-interruptive performance.

  • Outstanding listening experience
  • Robust and great sound
  • The box or cabinet is marvellous
  • Its drivers are heavy-duty
  • Some people complain about receiving speakers with breaks.

There’s nothing to worry about the performance of this speaker because of all tested frequencies. The manufacturer used PN and the sweep generator to ensure the device is clean and ready when duty calls.

Buying guide on the best Vintage Sansui SpeakersBuying guide on the best Vintage Sansui Speakers

For you to go home with the best Sansui speaker, it’s a must to employ some parameters. These considerations are handy in guaranteeing you the best selection ever. Let’s exploit some of the factors and see how they should aid you during the decision-making process;

Power: Power plays a vital role in determining how heavy the speaker is connected to a certain amplifier or receiver. The most important thing is always to ensure that the necessary power to power your speaker and run the amplifier matches. For this reason, I could advise you to opt for options that have standardized power consumption if budget is your problem.

Compatibility and versatility: What ports and cables are accommodated by the speaker you intend to purchase? This factor is essential to help you decide based on your amplifier’s model. We have some models that can accommodate different inputs while others are specific.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Does Sansui still make speakers?

Yes, apart from refurbished units, the Company has ventured into producing the newest speaker models. This is mainly to meet the needs of every individual, like youths who are in love with advancing technology.

  • Are the Sansui any good?

Of course, yes, some consumers have affirmed that Sansui speakers are impressive as far as audio quality is concerned.

Final Words

With all the reviews, buying guides and FAQs, that brings us to the end of our discussion. Truly, old is gold since we have some people who still own 70s and 80s Sansui speakers. And they are happy with them because of the speakers’ long-lasting nature. Choose from the above reviews if you want to go to old times for remembrance. 

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