5 Best Vintage Sherwood Receiver Reviews: All You Need to Know

Vintage receivers rocked their age, and we are still seeing some people using the models. I happened to scrutinize my father’s arsenal and found one of the 70s Sherwood receivers. The model is in good condition only that my dad is in love with modern electronics.

For this reason, I decided to come up with a report on the best vintage Sherwood receivers on the market. To make a sound decision, one should rely upon vital information, and that’s exactly what I am trying to offer you. Use the buying guide to choose the best vintage Sherwood receiver for your home entertainment.

5 best vintage sherwood receiver reviews

1. Vintage Sherwood S-7100A AM/FM Stereo Receiverbest vintage receiver for vinyl

Our first model is a recapped Sherwood Stereo receiver that can advance your entertainment experience. It’s among the best 70s Sherwood series receivers that rocked their time; they were and still popular.

Features and benefits

  • Solid performance: The Sherwood Company offers stiff competition to other brands such as Macintosh and Pioneer. This art makes the receiver outstanding as much as performance is concerned. Additionally, the sound quality you get from this unit is amazing for your lifestyle.
  • Small size: The tube-like sound and small size of these receivers are stunning as it allows you to store them in almost any provided space. Just place the device beneath your TV and enjoy the music.
  • Nice circuit: The circuit of these amplifiers is tremendous and operates nicely. The meters plus lights of these models also work and sound great. More so, its switches and pots are DeOxite treated and are extremely clean.
  • Fresh electrolytic: The power electrolytic of this receiver remains useful and is properly installed. On top of that, the bulbs have been replaced with LEDs for elegant performance. The item is in good working condition, and even its wood case and face shape are in great state.
  • Dust-free design: you will only spot slight wear on the cabinet, but it doesn’t have dings and bashes. Its design is also amazing as it spares it from dust that could lead to its malfunctions.
  •   Features a nice circuit
  • Compact design makes it consume a small space
  • Dust-free design enhances its lifespan
  • The sound quality is fantastic     
  • Some customers complain about insignificant age wear

Generally, this is a receiver that I can recommend because its features are elegant for maximum performance. The sound quality is the best thing that will have your attention in this Vintage Sherwood receiver.

2. Sherwood S-7200 Vintage ReceiverSherwood S-7200 Vintage Receiver

The Sherwood S-700 is another receiver that even our fathers will testify about their greatness. It’s a Chicago-based company that is popular for the production of high-class stereo receivers.

Features and benefits

  • Superior performance: Despite being middle class, the S-7200 receiver is also great and can assure you a robust musical experience. The well-packaged state ensures that whatever you receive after making orders is outstanding.
  • Small size: This Sherwood model is smaller compared to some stereo receivers as much as audio quality is concerned. Hence, this mechanism guarantees small space consumption. You won’t struggle to search for a suitable space because it fits almost anywhere.
  • Uses 40 watts for a channel: This is what some consumers say about the product, but I realized that it’s listing could even drop up to 32 W per channel. This mechanism is fantastic, making the S-7200 Sherwood Vintage receiver economical.
  •    They are quite expensive
  • Compact design saves much of your space.
  • Simple to use
  • Sound quality is also great
  •    Unfortunately, the power switch is positioned close to its volume pot

These are high-end receivers that can compete with popular brands on the market. Besides, they featured a solid or sturdy build, offering a warm and reliable, and clean sound. However, the item’s power switch is located in its volume pot, which could be dangerous.

3. Sherwood S-9910 TOTL Receiver

Sherwood S-9910 TOTL Receiver
source: https://www.pinterest.com/

If you are opting for a rebuild, then Sherwood S-9910 TOTL Receiver can be the best option. It boasts several features that can keep you going; you won’t have to worry about its sound quality; that’s the purpose.

Features and benefits

  • Superior power transformer: If something is exciting about this Sherwood model, then the transformer becomes the deal. It has an extruded heat sink combination plus various Phono inputs. All these features make the product support both MC and MM.
  • Trifold output: The trifold output mechanism is another impressive feature that the manufacturer used to set this receiver far from its counterparts on the market. The A, B, and C combinational multitude also explain how this machine is great.
  •       Robust capacitor: the huge filter electrolytic in this model was substituted by the 2200MFD low-impedance capacitor. More so, the 30000 MFD filter in this Sherwood receiver is impressive for extra filter microfarads.
  • Low noise: Investing in this receiver allows you to enjoy noise-free audio due to the joined power supply mechanism. Protection assemblies have been included in, and the liberated speaker relays. These relays are low-noise updated, and even the circuit is equipped with multistage merged protection.
  • The transformer is heavy duty
  • It is nice-looking
  • The electrolytic is also amazing
  • Outstanding capacitor
  • Some consumers complain about the machine’s sound quality and price.

You get what you pay for once you choose to invest in this Vintage Sherwood. Its top chases are mounted with a tuning capacitor assembly that is being housed by a huge heavy plate case that enhances its lifespan as well as appearance.

4. Vintage Sherwood S-8910 Receiver

Vintage Sherwood S-8910 Receiver
source: https://picclick.com/

The body and sound of the S-8910 Sherwood Vintage receiver are excellent among your electronics. However, it’s advisable to scrutinize the product’s well-being before bidding. I say so because the item is old and is being sold without returns.

Features and benefits

  • Versatile: the inputs of this Sherwood model are tested and confirmed to work great. For versatility, the S-8910 can allow you to listen to FM and records or play music through CDs.
  • Clean switches and pots: Another unique mechanism about this receiver is the cleaned switches and ports using the Deoxit products.
  • Very nice case: With its wooden case, the model can add beauty to your electronic collections. Additionally, even the wear is minimal, meaning that its body is still functional. On top of that, the condition of the item’s Faceplate is in great condition.
  • Attractive lightings: You will also find some lights in this model that make it stunning. However, due to their age, some lights might request a replacement.
  • Functional meters
  • Tested inputs
  • Nice-looking wooden case
  • Clean switches and pots
  • Sometimes you may be forced to replace the knob and lights.

The packaging of this product is great to ensure you receiver the right receiver. Besides, the damage cases have not yet been reported because the receiver itself is durable.

5. Vintage Sherwood S-7125 Receiver Tuner

Vintage Sherwood S-7125 Receiver Tuner
source: https://reverb.com/

You can try this last option because it’s amazing also. The performance and features are impressive; it’s clean externally and internally. Vintage Sherwood S-7125 receivers work best, and their functionality is still incredible.

Features and benefits

  • An excellent starter receiver: This unit boasts 25-watt ratings but produces great sound, just like a 35W per channel receiver. You will therefore enjoy the best music experience as if it’s using 8 ohms. It’s rarer compared to the above options from the same company.
  • Attractive design: The manufacturer professionally moulded this receiver using unique features and components. For example, its body is outstanding and can enhance beauty when placed around your house. More so, it’s super clean since the electrical contact cleaner has been used to accomplish the job.
  • Great sound quality: Despite having a superior design, the S-7125 receiver is also popular for producing amazing sound. Enjoy the stunning audio around your house.
  • Stunning performance
  • The sound quality is impressive
  • It’s super clean
  • Its housing is beautiful.
  • The bulbs and knob of this receiver are fragile

Even though the product produces high-quality sound, some customers complain about a few defects. For example, the receiver’s knob is prone to breakages, and even the bulbs might need regular replacement.

Buying guide on the vintage Sherwood receiver

  • Power: The power varies from one receiver to another based on the model you’re using. Therefore, the amount of power required shall depend on the number of devices you plan to attach to the receiver. It’s advisable to inspect the speaker’s power and then try to match it with your receiver.
  • Control: A good number of these models will give you a chance to control the treble or bass. However, we have some that can offer you more options; make the right choice.
  • Radio presets: These features are essential for those in love with listening to the radio. For this reason, most Sherwood models boast not less than 30 presets to scroll your lovely channel.


  • How long can receivers last?

Specifically, some of these models can survive in service for not less than 40 years.

  • Can I connect my turntable to a Sherwood receiver?

Of course, yes, but you should ensure that the receiver features a Phono preamp.

Final Words

All these options are great, but now preference and your budget play an important role when deciding. However, the important thing is to ensure that you buy the best vintage Sherwood receiver for your home entertainment.

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