Best Thorens Turntable-Reviews and Buying Guides

Since you have decided to go through our report, I guess you are tired of your existing turntable, and now you want a Thorens model. Well, there’s no problem; what you only require is a complete guide to decide so that you don’t land into another poorly-performing turntable.

We shall take you through our five reviewed items, stating their features, pros, and cons. Buying the best Thorens turntable can be challenging, but once you employ our guide, you automatically become lucky. You need to understand all the options on our list are fantastic and can take your entertainment to the next level.

Top 5 best Thorens turntable

1. Thorens TD 158 2-Speed Dual Cartridge Belt Drive Turntablebest thorens turntable

Among the top five best Thorens turntables, we have the TD 158 model. Most folks don’t require something complicated, and you should therefore invest in this plug-and-play rig. It boasts some elegant characteristics that guarantee robust performance. Some of the features include;

Features and benefits

  • Plug-and-play rig: Some consumers claim that you won’t struggle o and spend much of your time trying to connect this turntable. Everything is made more accessible for you; plug it into the source of power and start enjoying your music immediately.
  • Easy-to-use design: The turntable might seem easy to use to some folks but complicated to a few. I say so because it doesn’t feature a mechanism to adjust the table. For this reason, in case you have never used a turntable from Thorens, then TD 158 can be ideal for you.
  • Faster: The table operates at two speeds, i.e., 45 and33. This implies that you should be in an excellent position to continue enjoying new records plus recently-made anything. However, you may be limited from enjoying tracks from the 1978s, but this shouldn’t stress you.
  • Dual cartridge: These are responsible for immediate stopped-to-start transition time. Additionally, a belt drive is coupled with the cartridge system to enhance a smooth playback that’s much greater compared to other turntables for amateurs.  
  • Low-noise bearing system: Another great feature is the low-noise mechanism suitable for eliminating buzzing and humming.
  • Plug and play
  • Easy to use
  • Easy installation
  • Suitable for even beginners
  • Playing 1978s tracks can be challenging

Therefore, the TD 158 is an excellent table; although it’s relatively bare-bones, one can plug and play.  


2. Thorens TD 240-2 Fully-Automatic TurntableThorens TD 240-2 Fully-Automatic Turntable

Let’s look at this second product from the same manufacturer with everything that can advance your music experience. You need to understand that TD 240 was introduced to solve a few malfunctions of the TD 158. For an extraordinary listening experience, the slightly higher price of this table is worth it.

Features and benefits

  • High-quality build: The combination of its classic look and high-quality build makes this turntable look timeless. This automatic table packs attractive characteristics and details that you should expect from Thorens.
  • Wood plinth design: The manufacturer decided to invest entirely in a wood plinth, Boasting a piano lacquer or wood finish. I don’t think there’s any bedroom or living room that won’t benefit from TD 240 Turntable.
  • Newest TP-19-1 tonearm: This is another feature you should expect from this table, responsible for silent and smooth operation. The technology is handy to make the table reliable and convenient for you over the years.
  • Precise platter: A precise platter is installed under the belt drive, running technically to produce no distortion. You will only hear music and no other interference.
  • Easy set up: You can easily connect this table to speakers at a very minimal time. However, it isn’t a plug-and-play but not complicated to consume much of your time while setting it up for playback.
  • Excellent RPM
  • Installing is easy
  • High-quality build
  • Wood finish plinth
  • Falls among prominent models in the market

Being the next generation of TD 158, you should expect many incredible features and superb performance from this table. However, it would help if you were prepared to pay much more than the first option, though not in vain. The 78 revolutions per minute of this turntable is another thing worth recognizing.


3. Thorens TD 2035Thorens TD 2035

Giving a chance to this Thorens turntable won’t be a crime, and you won’t even regret the decision. Thorens TD 2035 remains one of the best options on occasions where you are on the more visual side.

Features and benefits

  • Acrylic series construction: This type of construction is designed to be visual and a big step at the correct route with audio technology. More so, this turntable isn’t associated with mechanical; hence vibration is minimized.
  • Unique designed stand: Another feature like this table is the specially moulded feet for damping the vibration effectively. For this reason, the table won’t be affected by any footfall or airborne vibrations. It incredibly achieves this performance due to the platter, making the table sound great and look great.
  • TP 92 tonearm: The manufacturer included TP 92 tonearm technology to manufacture TD 2035 turntable, enhancing ultra-low friction. Besides, there is an innovative magnetic anti-bias tech responsible for ensuring zero striction. In short, the dynamic and tonearm design of this turntable are reasonable for ensuring smooth-as-silk playback.
  • Aluminium arm tube: The arm tube of this table is full of aluminium material that’s rolled, dampening sound with minimized modal resonance or RMR. The brass counterweight is also enhanced, implying that the item can establish every outstanding balance and centre of gravity.
  • Attractive design
  • Aluminium arm tube
  • Great balance
  • Acrylic series construction
  • Prepare to pay more money

Apart from the above features, there are many things to smile about this turntable table, like rainbow colours. Besides, the combination of blood-red structure and deep purple design in this table is exciting.

4. Thorens TD 350 Turntable

Thorens TD 350 Turntable

Here is another great invention that emerged as the result of the above three options. The manufacturer utilized the legendary Thorens design to manufacture turntables.

Features and benefits

  • Suspended chassis: This indicated how innovative and creative these manufacturers are.
  • Ingenious design: The turntable features an indigenous design, suitable for the mass platform. This mechanism is famous for offering a fantastic experience.
  • Thorens independent Double-dampening suspension: This mechanism is handy for dampening vertically and horizontally to cover the oscillations.
  • 4K platter: Our option also features a 4K platter necessary for low-friction bearing; hence smooth operation is exceptionally sonic. Besides, the motor control in this machine is integrated, allowing you to opt for incredible precise RPMs.
  • Various colours
  • Dampening suspension
  • Indigenous design
  • Attractive design
  • It seems bulky to some folks

Furthermore, the colour waves in this TD 350 make it very dynamic. If you are not satisfied with red and black models, we still have cream-coloured ones.

5. Thorens TD 550 TurntableThorens TD 550 Turntable

Despite being the last option, there are a lot of features to smile about in this Thorens turntable. It’s enriched with outstanding technology ranging from the front panel to the plinth.

Features and benefits

Operational buttons: The table features reliable buttons to help you operate the device smoothly

  • Plinth: From the introductory part, you can realize that this is another feature that you should expect to meet at this table. For this case, the plinth boasts a lacquer piano black design to enhance colour matching.
  • Suspended chassis: This indicated how innovative and creative these manufacturers are through the outer rim belt drive and the suspended chassis.
  • Firm footing: The feet of this table are sturdy to enhance steadiness while operational. The electronically-controlled start-up is also handy to enhance robust performance.
  • Easy to use
  • Platter reduces friction
  • Suspended chassis
  • Plinth construction design
  • Quite expensive

You don’t have to be scared of the higher price of this machine because you get what you pay for. Consider this turntable because of its various features for maximum performance. You can’t afford to miss the TD 550 turntable in your house.


Considerations when buying the best Thorens turntable

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the best and suitable product from the bad one because we have many duplicates. For this reason, I would advise you to go through the following guide and choose wisely;

Price: Since all these models are from the same Company, price becomes the priority. It would help if you were very careful so that you know what you are paying for. Their prices vary based on the features they carry; be careful

Platter: This feature is essential in turntables as it helps reduce vibrations or friction. Such a mechanism will therefore ensure smooth operation.


  • Are plug-and-play turntables good?

Yes, you don’t have to spend much of your time trying to set them up. They are easy to install and use.

  • How much should you pay for a great Thorens turntable?

It depends on your preferences; the product you choose determines the amount of money.

Final words

Thorens remains the best industry for high-quality manufacturing turntables compared to some prominent brands. All the turntables on our list are excellent whenever you want a superior option to invest in. This brand spent much of its resources producing quality products so that the listeners don’t get frustrated. 

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