Audio Technica m50x vs. Sennheiser Momentum- Quick Comparison

Audio Technica m50x and Sennheiser momentum are headphones types that you can use to listen to music. The headphones have quality features with suitable shapes that you can use when you fix into your ears to produce quality music. The good things about these headphones are that they provide accurate results after recording the music’s sounds and respond to them with accurate results without over-modifying them.

The audio Technica m50x and Sennheiser momentum are suitable for use since one can change them with time so long as the replacement parts are the same as the headphones. The two types of headphones have differences in their make with the cables they are using, the colors, and the types of pads. They also have some similarities since they are both devices that work to produce quality music to the ears.

The article below shows the similarities and differences of Audio Technica m50x and Sennheiser momentum and the best cartridges for use at home. Follow the article below to identify the best everyday kind of cartridge, whether the Audio Technica m50x or Sennheiser momentum will nicely fit you; after that are the frequently asked questions, and lastly, the conclusion.

Quick comparison table

Comparison ATH m50x Momentum
Design Not attractive attractive
color brown black
price cheap expensive
Physical appearance plastic material Leather material
Weight heavier lighter
Quality of sound Poor sounds Quality sounds
padding Leather pads Natural pads
Volume changes Lacks volume adjustments buttons Has volume adjustments buttons
Comfort uncomfortable comfortable

Differences of Sennheiser momentum and Audio Technica m50xaudio technica m50x vs sennheiser momentum

  • Design

The design of the Audio Technica and the Sennheiser momentum is different due to different features, which makes the rate more attractive.

  • Color

The colors of the two types of headphones are different since the Momentum’s color is brown while Audio Technica’s color is black. When choosing the best type of headphones to use, you can differentiate them using their paint.

  • Price

 The price of the headphones differs according to the features of the items. The momentum type of headphones is more expensive than the Audio Technica.

  • Physical appearance

The Audio Technica is made of plastic material and has some metal in the headband adjustments and some accents that enhance the functions of the ear cup. In contrast, the momentum has a leather material with steel and a brushed feeling in the headband adjustment.

  • Weight

The weight of the momentum and the Audio Technica is different since they have additional features. Speed is much lighter than Audio Technica.

  • Quality of sound

Momentum produces quality sound since it gives out more volumes of sound than Audio Technica.

  • Padding

The padding with the momentum is natural that it is best to use with the ears, while the Audio Technica has a leather material that can make the ears sweat, making them uncomfortable to use.

  • Volume changes

The momentum has the volume adjustments button on the cable, while the Audio Technica lacks the volume adjustments button.

  • Comfort

Among the two types of headphones, the momentum is most comfortable since it has a more bottomless ear cup that reduces the rate of getting tired while using the headphones such that you can use them for quite a long time. On the other hand, the Audio Technica can be comfortable at the start of the music, but the user can feel bored after some time while using them.

Similarities of Sennheiser momentum and Audio TechnicaSimilarities of Sennheiser momentum and Audio Technica

  • Shape

Both two types of headphones have a circumaural fit.

  • Outside feature

Both the Sennheiser momentum and Audio Technica have a closed back that you cannot easily see and change the position of the internal parts of the headphones.

  • Power requirements

 The two types of headphones do not require any current to operate.

The most recommended type of headphones to useThe most recommended type of headphones to use

When choosing the best type of headphone to use, consider checking the headphone’s qualities, including your personal preference. There are different types of factors that you can consider when choosing the best kind of headphones to use. In this case, consider using headphones, decide to use Sennheiser momentum since it has more quality features like you can use it for a long while listening to music without getting tired of them. 

They have a suitable material that makes them attractive, comfortable and have buttons for adjusting the volume. When checking the price, momentum is much more expensive than Audio Technica. But with a purpose, remember cheap is expensive. You can purchase an affordable product that will disturb you until you choose to buy a different kind, so choose to buy a costly item so long as it has good qualities and can produce quality output.

FAQs About Audio Technica m50x vs. Sennheiser Momentum:

  • What are the factors to consider when choosing headphones to buy?

When buying the headphones, consider following some things to get the right thing to buy. Below are the things to check before choosing the kind to buy.

  1. Personal preference and experience. Choose a cartridge that will work well in your device such that you select a cartridge that maybe you know or have experience with. Sometimes people get the experiences from friends using such cartridges to understand how they are moving on with the one they are using. If your former experience is wrong, you need to change it and get a different one that can improve its working at your place, but if the one before is cool, you still choose to repurchase it.
  2.  Frequency response. Choose a cartridge with a faster frequency response level such that it can produce quality results faster and on time without wasting your time waiting for it to load. Cartridges’ slower frequency response levels are time-consuming as you have to wait for the cartridge to receive power slowly then later produce results that can be of poor quality.


Since the Sennheiser momentum is the most expensive type of headphone when buying, it is best when producing good music quality. After knowing the best headphone, in this case, it is good to know their details in terms of size, amount of power they consume, and how they work to get to see if they can fit your tasks. The article below shows the details of the two headphones with their differences and similarities.

Kindly read the article to help guide you choose the correct type of headphones to use. Failure to carefully follow can cause you to get the wrong headphone that you will regret using. Also, it is good to consider checking the manual for correct installation and use while using the devices.

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