Audio Technica Ath m50x vs Sony Mdr 7506v- Quick Differences

The ATH-M50 has continually received the most significant accolades from top sound engineers and audio critics, making it the most lauded item in the M-Series family. Additionally, the ATH-M50x professional monitoring headphones retain the same highly respected acoustic signature as their predecessors. The M50x gives an unrivaled audio professional experience for even the most demanding of users.

When it comes to critical listening headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x outperforms the Sony MDR-7506. They will be more comfortable to wear throughout long listening sessions, and they will feel more solidly constructed. Compared to Sony, their sound is far better and more accurate, particularly in the treble range.

This article has outlined the significant differences between Audio Technica ath-m50x and Sony MDR-7506v. You will also find significant similarities between the two models of headphones. In addition, you will find a comparison table for easier understanding and answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

Quick comparison table between audio Technica ath m50x and Sony MDR-7506v

Comparison feature Sony MDR-7506 Audio Technica ath-m50x
Maximum input power 1000mW 1600mW
Driver size 40mm 45 millimeter
Sensitivity 106dB 98dB
Detachable cable No Yes
Impedance 63 ohms 38 ohms
Frequency response 10Hz to 20kHz 8Hz -25kHz
Weight 8.1oz 10oz
Price on Amazon Under $100 Under $150
Cord length 9.8 feet 9.8ft
Magnet type Neodymium Neodymium
Type Closed, dynamic Dynamic, closed
Driver type Dynamic Dynamic

Differences between audio Technica ath m50x and Sony MDR-7506v

1. Design and the build qualityAudio Technica Ath m50x vs Sony Mdr 7506v

Audio Technica ath-m50x

In addition to having a sleek and distinctive look, the Audio Technica ath m50x boasts solid and long-lasting construction.  Gunmetal, Black, and white are the three colors that are available for purchase with this. However, because plastic is robust and lightweight, it can be used for the majority of the components. Ath-m50x weighs a total of 283 grams on its whole. It is wrapped in comfy and silky leather to make the metal headband look even more appealing. In addition, the headbands are flexible and easily adjustable to fit any head size.

 They are similarly composed of plastic, and they have a closed-back design that fits over the ears circumaural to the head. Circumaural designs provide good comfort as well as sound absorption and insulation. Moving the ear cups 90 degrees helps to accommodate the shape of the ear canal and the shape of the ears. Ear cushions are sufficiently cushioned and soft to allow for comfortable usage for extended durations. These headphones are well-built and have a nice look. They’re also comfortable to wear.

More extended portions can be practiced, mixed, and recorded with these instruments. Incorporating a locking mechanism and a detachable cable to the ath m50x is another beneficial feature that Audio Technica has improved. Their detachable cables are 1.2 meters in length and are divided into three types: straight cable (1.2 meters in length), coiled cable (1.2 meters in length), and three-meter straight cable. A standard 3.5mm jack and an additional adaptor are included at the end of each cable. They are Portable as you may fold them up and put them in the case for easy transportation.

Sony MDR 7506

The Sony MDR 7506 headphones are more lightweight than the standard headphones, weighing only 8 ounces. You may also fold and carry them with you wherever you go. The headbands are thick and feature a soft cushioning on the inside that provides exceptional comfort for the wearer. The headbands are also flexible and provide a solid gripping force that does not allow the headband to slip off the head when the user flicks.

The ear cups are composed of plastic and feature a closed-back, over-the-ear design. If you have large ears, you may find the earpads of the MDR 7506 to be a little uncomfortable because they press against your ears. After listening to music at a high volume for an extended period, you may become heated.

Because they are wired headphones, you’ll receive a 9.8-foot-long cord that finishes in a 3.5mm jack at the other end. In addition, you’ll receive a 6.5mm adaptor. The cable is not removable; it is a fixed piece of equipment. Overall, the building design and quality of the Sony MDR 7506 are fantastic, and they are comfortable to wear on the head and ears.

2. Sound qualitySound quality

The sound quality of the audio Technica ath m50x is equally outstanding as the device’s construction. They produce a rich, detailed sound that’s well-balanced. The impedance of 38 ohms ensures crystal-clear sound on mobile devices as well as studio monitoring equipment. An extended 15 to 28,000 MHz response provides a complete low, regulated mid, and detailed high-frequency spectrum.

The Sony MDR 7506 boasts excellent sound quality. They have excellent studio sound. 40-millimeter drivers are great. The MDR 7506 is one of the rare headphones that deliver realistic sound without being overpowering. They feature a 10-20 kHz frequency response. Lows, mids, and treble are clear and not harsh. MDR 7506 has 63 Ohm impedance, which provides detailed sound. To get great sound with low-power gadgets, connect a high-power amp. Due to the low power, these pairs may not sound as good on mobile devices, but they are perfect for studio work.

3. Bottom line

The Audio Technica ath m50x headphones have been on the market for a long time and are still a great value at under $150 a set. For every studio, the Sony MDR 7506 headphones have delivered a beautiful, well-balanced sound since 1991. They’re built to last and are comfy enough to wear for long periods. I think they need a more robust cable that doesn’t come apart. These are decent pairs of headphones for the money, especially since they’re under $100.

Similarities between audio Technica ath m50x and Sony MDR-7506 v

  1. Both of these gadgets are foldable.
  2. Both provide good comfort for extended periods.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which kind of plastic makes the m50x?

Answer; The ATH M50x is constructed of high-quality matte plastics that are durable and lightweight, making it a good choice for travel. The hinges are quiet and do not make any extra creaks when they move.


In conclusion, both headphones are exceptional for their ability to deliver outstanding sound while still being extremely comfortable. You can use them for both listening to music and working in the studio. The Audio Technica ath m50x has more features, detachable wires, improved sound isolation, and superior sound quality, making it the best.

A better choice for serious listening is the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x. Sound quality is improved, and the Audio-Technica is more comfortable to wear for extended durations. Their audio is superior to Sony’s in the treble department. However, you may find the Sony headphones for less, giving them a better value overall.

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