Audio Technica Ath m40x vs Sony Mdr 7506- Quick Comparison

The Sony MDR-7506 headphones provide a more neutral listening experience than the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones. There is greater consistency across different users with the Sony, which has a far better and more reliable sound profile, less distortion, and leaks less audio than the other brands.

The Sony MDR7506 has a more fantastic range of frequencies of about 10 to 20,000 kHz, but it also has a high resistivity of 63 ohms, making it a more expensive option. The ATH-M40x, on the other hand, has a slightly different range of frequency of about 15 to 24000 kHz and a reduced impedance of 36 ohms. As a result, it should not surprise that additional power is required to use Sony’s frequency spectrum fully. M40x, on the other hand, will perform better on mobile devices that do not have an amplifier.

This article includes the differences and similarities of both ath-m40x and MDR-7506. You will also find answers to some of the frequently asked questions. The answers will help you better understand these headphones, and you can easily differentiate them. You will also find a comparison table for a quick understanding of the same.

Quick comparison table between Sony MDR-7506 and ath-m40x

Comparison feature Ath-m40x MDR 7506
Type Wired over-ear Wired over-ear
Weight 8.5oz 8.1oz
Battery None None
Enclosure Closed-back Closed-back
Connectivity 1/8or 3.5mm analog

¼ or 6.3mm adapter

1/8 3.5mm analog

¼ 6.3mm adapter

Differences between ath-m40x and MDR-7506Audio Technica Ath m40x vs Sony Mdr 7506

  • Design

The ATH-M40x are effectively designed headphones than the Sony MDR-7506, and they outperform the Sony offering in the majority of areas. Because their audio cables are detachable and easily replaced, they are more durable than their predecessors, and they come with two audio cables. Furthermore, they are generally comfier due to their improved ear cup design, though the tighter clamp may be an issue for certain people.

On the other hand, folding the Sony headphones reduces their overall size, making them more transportable. If you have a large head, these headphones may not be as comfy as the Audio-Technica, but they are lighter, and the clamp is looser, making them more comfortable. Although their general design is still excellent, the ATH-M40x has more advantages.

  • Fit

With their larger ear pods and thicker cushions, the ATH-M40x headphones are generally more pleasant to wear, primarily due to their roomier ear cups. Because of its rotating construction, their plugs have a more comprehensive range of adjustments. When compared to open-back headphones, they are pretty light and breathable.

They do, however, have a more restrictive clamp, which might be difficult for long sessions if you have a big head. A positive aspect of the tighter fit is that it provides a more secure fit, allowing you to move from one piece of audio equipment to another in the studio without worrying about your headphones falling off.

Whereas the Audio-Technica headsets are generally more comfortable, the Sony MDR-7506 headphones aren’t too far behind overall comfort. Possibly because of their slightly lighter structure and looser clamp, you may find them to be more comfortable for long listening sessions, with the latter feature being particularly advantageous for those with large heads. Ample ventilation is provided by its closed-back ear cups, which are also a plus.

On the other hand, their ear cups are visibly shallower and have thinner cushions, and their looser clamp means that they are less secure on the head. If you have large ears, the MDR-7506’s shallow ear cups may make them feel more like on-ear headphones rather than over-ear headphones. Furthermore, the adjustment range of their ear cups is more limited.

  • Controls

No remote or control systems for call and music monitoring or volume adjustment are included on either headphone. As casual headphones, this may be inconvenient. This isn’t an issue for studio use or home listening. Because the ATH-cable M40x’s are detachable, you can easily add an in-line remote for more mobile use. This is not true for the MDR-7506.

  • Performance

Unlike in the design category, there is no obvious winner in the performance category. The MDR-7506 is for studio use only. These headphones have a more neutral sound profile, making them excellent for mixing and mastering. The ATH-M40x, on the other hand, is easier to operate and offers a more pleasant and less tiring sound. Their detachable cable design makes them more adaptable, and they come with two different types of cords out of the box.

Similarities between audio Technica ath-m40x and MDR-7506Similarities between audio Technica ath-m40x and MDR-7506

  1. They are not suitable for commuting or travel. They are not very good at preventing low-frequency noises like airplane and bus engines rumbling. However, boosting the level would exacerbate the sound leakage, which is particularly bothersome with Audio-Technica headphones.
  2. The MDR-7506 and ATH-M40x are both battery-free headphones. So long as the audio source has electricity, you can use them. Battery management is only necessary when utilizing a battery-powered foldable amplifier, which is optional for both headsets.
  3. They lack an in-line remote and a microphone, as noted in the controller’s category. But this isn’t a problem with studio headphones. A boom mic can be added to your headphones to use for online multiplayer gaming. The ATH-detachable M40x’s cable arrangement makes it very easy to use other audio connections for non-gaming purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which is better between ath-m40x and sony?

Answer; It has a better balanced and accurate sound profile, less distortion, and leaks less audio than the Sony. The Audio-Technica has a more comfy and stable construction, a larger soundstage, and two detachable audio wires.


MDR-7506 are better studio headphones. In addition to their neutral sound profile, they have less sound leakage, making them excellent for studio recording. They have a neutral sound that some people like and others find uninteresting. They are lightweight and feature a looser clamp than the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x but are not as comfortable due to their flatter ear cup design. A non-detachable cable reduces its durability.

Since the ATH-cables M40x’s are detachable, they are more durable than the MDR-7506’s exposed wire near the hinges. Their ear pads also don’t appear as cheap as Sony’s. Although the clamp is tighter, they are also more comfortable, having larger ear cups and bigger cushions. The ATH-M40x is better for casual use.

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