Audio Technica at2020 vs. Shure sm7b-What Are the Differences

A microphone is a device most people prefer to use when interacting with their audios or communicating to more significant events. The commonly available microphones are the Audio Technica at2020 and Shure sm7b. The two microphones are from different manufacturers even though you use them for the same purpose.

The microphones don’t emit quality sound only but also are versatile enough for different applications. For instance, you can use both microphones in different places such as; broadcasting, recording your audio songs, and voice recording. Therefore, that is why it is essential to consider some factors before buying any microphones.

Luckily, the article below shows some standard features between the two microphones. Also, it states some differences, including the pros and cons. In the end, there is information concerning the factors to consider before purchasing any microphones and the FAQs. Please review the article below carefully.

A quick comparison table between Audio Technica at2020 and Shure sm7b

Comparison Audio Technica at2020 Shure sm7b
Measurements 9.6 inches by 9.6 inches by 2.6 inch 7.47 inches by 3.78 inches by 5.81 inches
Weight one and a half pounds  1.75 lbs
Sound quality Sharper sound quality Less sharp sound quality
Controls inbuilt volume control and a headphone jack two controls

Differences between audio Technica at2020 and Shure sm7baudio technica at2020 vs shure sm7b

The article below shows some differences between the two microphones.

  • Measurement and weight

The audio Technica at2020 microphone is under one and a half lbs and measures 9.6 inches by 9.6 inches by 2.6 inches in size. Although this microphone has a large side, it will not feel too weighty in your fingers. You won’t have to carry it or utilize the vertical mount, though.

The Shure SM7B, on the other hand, is a large microphone with measurements of 7.47 inches by 3.78 inches by 5.81 inches. Since it weighs roughly 1.75 lbs, it cannot be used as a portable device. If you want to choose the best microphone with the best measurements, check the weight and size of the two microphones and select one that suits your desires.

  • Sound quality

Audio Technica at2020’s audio is more precise than Shure sm7b’s, and it’s presumably comparable to the Shure mic’s plunging neckline and semi controls. The most noticeable change is learned to identify, and we favor Shure’s audio characteristic as it is more enjoyable to listen to without any additional digital audio analysis.

  • Controls

The Audio Technica at2020 has a volume button and a headphone connector incorporated in. It helps in monitoring the latency of this mic in real-time. The microphone also has a mix adjustment capability to combine the microphone’s audio with or before sounds.

The audio Technica microphone also has a blue Led bulb that indicates that it is powered by USB. The headphone loudness is controlled via a slider on the mic. Each of these settings is also relatively easy to reach.

On the Shure sm7b microphone, there are only two settings. The bass roll adjustment is one of these parameters, while the appearance boosting command is the other. You can easily change the resonance frequency of this microphone and collaborate in the range of approximately 50 to 20 kHz using both of these control mechanisms. 

Similarities between audio Technica at2020 and Shure sm7bSimilarities between audio Technica at2020 and Shure sm7b

Despite the differences, there are some standard features between the two microphones, and the information below gives the summary of the two devices;

  • Incoming sound

Both the Shure sm7b and the Audio Technica AT2020 are high-sensitivity microphones. They exclude audio from all sides except the frontal, making them ideal for talking over specific user applications. The Shure sm7b is unique in that it contains various audio modifications that allow you to customize the audio quality.

  • Performance

Both machines perform best and function the same. They record audio in different places when you connect them to the power supply source. Both also come with advanced features that improve their functionality, making them more desirable for many users, especially the DJs.

  • Warranty

Both devices offer a warranty period of approximately 1 to 2 years, depending on the manufacturer.

Audio Technica at2020

  • All of the controls are simple to use.
  • A cardioid condenser mics that can handle a wide range of frequencies.
  • A cost-effective and long-lasting cardioid microphone.
  • It has a sturdy structure and a good appearance.

  • To eliminate self-noise, it must be pretty close to the sound source.
  • A pop filter is not included with this microphone.

Shure sm7b

  • Works well for recording instruments.
  • A pop filter is also included.
  • You can also add a windshield to improve sound quality and reduce noise.
  • The mic can provide a constant and natural sound.
  • Handles a variety of frequencies with ease.
  • It’s a costly microphone

Buying guide for the two microphonesBuying guide for the two microphones

Consider the factors below and decide which microphone to buy.

  • Cost

Buy a microphone that is within your budget but is of high quality. When making any order, compare the cost of the two machines, and the cheapest is the audio Technica t2020, although it lacks some additional settings such as the existence of controls.

  • Intensity

Choose the type of straightforward design that best suits your requirements. Consider that using a less direct mic near the noise source is generally preferable to employing the best quality sound from a distance. See microphones decisions clearly for further details.

  • Sound quality

Consider the ambiguity of sound which the device emits. Choose one device that emits a clear, high-quality sound. The sound must be smooth for everyone to hear, and it must also be loud enough. When buying the microphone, compare the two and test them instantly before deciding the one to take home.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is the most recommended between audio Technica at2020 and Shure sm7b?

Answer; The audio Technica at2020 is a superior option if you need a spending plan cardioid condenser mic. It’s built to last and doesn’t come with any confusing settings.

However, if you want an excellent audio experience when capturing voices and instrumentation, the Shure sm7b is the way to go. You probably wouldn’t be able to use this as a mobile device, but it functions as a brilliant piece of machinery for monitoring various wavelengths with higher production.


Consider employing a dynamic microphone if you need a microphone for a tiny space. You might also want to use a condenser microphone. Read the article above and compare the two mics to see which one is best for you.

Finally, think about a few things before making your decision. Consider the cost and quality of the equipment as some of the criteria. Also, think about the advanced features available in each microphone and choose the one with the most sophisticated features.

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