Audio Technica at2020 vs. Shure Sm57- Differences & Similarities

If you have two microphones: Audio Technica at2020 vs. Shure sm57, you may have an issue picking the best microphone among the two. The two microphones have some similarities and differences that identify them uniquely. Also, their features make them more desired by users. Before choosing any of the mics, it is essential to consider your taste.

Some of the similarities between the two microphones include; both have the same appearance, although some features make them unique. Also, one has a dynamic mic while the other has a condenser mic. The differences help the user choose the best mic to use, especially the DJs.

Fortunately, the article below shows some of the differences between the two microphones. Also, it shows some similarities, including their advantages and disadvantages. To conclude, there is a buying guide and FAQs of the two mics on the most recommended.

A quick comparison table between Audio Technica at2020 and Shure sm57

Comparison Shure sm57 Audio Technica at2020
Sensitivity Around -56dB Around -37dB
Microphone type Dynamic microphone Condenser microphone
Frequency response Around 40 to 15,000HZ Approximately 20 to 20,000 Hz
Connector It has three pins that are male It has three pins that are male
Output impedance It is approximately 150 ohms The output  impedance is 100 Ohms
Polar pattern Cardioid Cardioid

Differences between Audio Technica at2020 and Shure sm57audio technica at2020 vs shure sm57

1. Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the two microphones differs from one another. The Shure sm57 and that of the audio Technica at200 has a sensitivity of-56DB  is approximate -37DB. The sensitivity improves their performance in that it records high-quality sound.

2. Microphone type

Each manufactures his microphone type. For the Shure sm57, the microphone is dynamic, which is different from the Shure sm57 microphone. The audio Technica at200 microphone has a condenser microphone.

Therefore, when choosing the microphone you want to use, first, check the microphone type. Choose a microphone with a microphone type that suits your desires. Also, consider the quality of the microphone type and ensure it is functioning correctly.

3. Frequency response

The frequency response is the response a microphone emits when recording or playing audio. Each microphone has a different response, where the Shure sm57 has a frequency response of approximately 40 to 15,000HZ while the audio Technica at2020 responds at a frequency ranging from 20 to 20,000Hz.

4. Output impedance

Its output impedance varies depending on the power each microphone needs. For the Shure sm57, the output impedance is 150 ohms, while the Audio Technica at2020 is around 100 ohms. When choosing the microphone of your choice, consider choosing one that matches the impedance you desire. If you need a high impedance machine, choose one of such kind, and if not, choose one with low impedance.

Similarities between audio Technica at2020 and Shure sm57Similarities between audio Technica at2020 and Shure sm57

Despite the two microphones having some differences, some standard features exist in them. Some of the features include the following;

  • Polar pattern

Both microphones tend to have the same polar pattern. The polar pattern present in the two devices is the cardioid one. Such a feature makes it hard for the users to distinguish between the two microphones. In such a case, consider looking for other features such as advanced features.

  • Connector

Each microphone comes with a three-pin connector XLR, and in most cases, it is a male connector. If you want to connect any of the microphones to the power supply source, the source must have three pins that allow you to insert the microphone.

  • Performance

The common feature between Audio Technica at20202 and Shure sm57 is the performance. Both devices perform the same functions by recording and broadcasting audio in small or large functions. If you use the microphone in a small organization, choose one that suits the area and vice versa.

  • Warranty

The warranty period is essential because it helps the user identify any faults with a microphone and return it for replacement. The warranty period of both microphones is about 1 to 2 years, depending on the seller. The best places to buy microphones are Amazon and You can order, and delivery services are available.

Shure sm57

  • High-quality recordings.
  • Perfect for live shows.
  • Best for close-making.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Expensive.
  • Has only a three-pin connector.

Technica at2020

  • High build quality.
  • Better sound emission.
  • It comes with a polar platter that is essential in nose picking.
  • Handles high Db.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Expensive.
  • Lacks other features.
  • Has only a three-pin connector

Buying guide for both audio Technica ar2020 and Shure sm57Buying guide for both audio Technica ar2020 and Shure sm57

Before deciding to buy any of the microphones, consider some of the factors that include the following;

  • Frequency Reaction

Ensure that the frequency response of the mic is suitable for the application. Flat response patterns are preferred as a general rule; however, personalized responses are often preferable. For more details, consult the microphones frequency response section of each manufacturer’s handbook guide before purchasing. Furthermore, the frequency response must be able to accommodate your preferences and usage region.

  • Intensity

Choose the type of straightforward design that best suits your requirements. Consider that using a less direct mic near the noise source is generally preferable to employing a hyper-cardioid from a distance. See microphones decisions clearly for further details.

  • Resonance

The general guideline is that low internal resistance is preferable to the resistor. See microphone resistance for further details.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is the most recommended between audio Technica ar2020 and Shure sm57?

Answer; the audio Technica AT2020 might have been a better choice for home music artists who may not have microphones for big shows, not only because it excels at recording voices, but rather because recording instruments work better with just one condenser mic rather than one dynamic mic.

The Shure SM57 is also great for home recording, particularly if you want to record guitarist or bassist chambers. It can undoubtedly capture voices and be applicable during live events. Still, the Technica AT2020 is a better option for most people to capture at home.


If you want a microphone essential for small places, consider using a dynamic microphone. Also, you may wish to use a condenser microphone. Read the article above and compare the two microphones to choose one that suits your desires.

Finally, consider some factors before deciding which one to choose. Some of the factors include; consider the cost and quality of the devices. Also, consider the advanced features present in each microphone and make sure you choose a more advanced one.

In this video we’ll be comparing acoustic guitar recordings from an AT2020 condenser mic with a SM57 dynamic mic.

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