Amazon Fire Stick WI-FI Authentication Problem- Quick And Easy Solution

One of the best streaming devices is the Amazon fire TV stick which offers amazing features. However, for a better utilisation of most its features, it requires a Wi-Fi connection. The amazon fire stick can be customised to forms such as USB sticks or portable boxes.

The amazon fire stick might have authentication problems. It happens especially when the Wi-Fi connection has a problem or numerous routers are connected to the same channel. The device usually doesn’t recognise a network. However, fidgeting with the router or the Wi-Fi settings resolves these problems.

Ways to fix the amazon fire stick Wi-Fi authentication problemamazon fire stick wifi authentication problem

Wi-Fi enabled kindle fire devices need access to the internet. The devices will frequently display errors in a pop-up error box in case of authentication problems. It’s therefore important to fix the problems to avoid loss of information or miss updates. The kindle devices run into these problems often, but can always be fixed.

There are various available ways to fix the authentication problem. However, it’s important to find the cause of the problem before fixing it.

The various ways to fix these authentication problems include;

a) Forget the Wi-Fi network and reconnectForget the Wi-Fi network and reconnect

Sometimes it may be challenging to connect to a network that you had previously used on the fire stick. The fire stick can just refuse to connect to the network even on continuous trials. If this happens, select the network and select the forget option. The forgotten network gets deleted from the fire stick database.

You can now reconnect the network by searching for available networks. Select the network and enter the authentication details. The fire stick will get connected to the network; hence the problem now gets fixed.

b) Check for router restrictionsCheck for router restrictions

It’s important to make sure that the Wi-Fi router you are connecting is properly functional. Limitations on the router will prevent the fire stick from connecting to the network. Enable the DHCP or else a static IP will have to be assigned to the fire stick. In case many devices are connected to the router, increase the number of connections.

One can detach one of the connected devices to connect the fire stick. Sometimes the fire stick can be blocked from the router’s admin section. From the panel, you can disconnect the fire stick and try reconnecting to the network.

c) Reboot the router

The router might be in the correct settings but the device connection still fails. Rebooting the router resolves some minor problems in the router. Reconnect the fire TV stick but if the problem persists, you can try fixing it differently.

d) Reboot the fire stick

Various connectivity problems can be resolved by rebooting the fire TV stick. Rebooting can be done physically or by use of a remote shortcut. Physical rebooting involves unplugging the device from its power source and plugging it back. On using the remote, the ‘select’ button is pressed simultaneously until the device turns off.

Restarting the fire stick will help in fixing some connectivity problems.

 e) Connect the fire stick to an HDMI ExtenderConnect the fire stick to an HDMI Extender

The fire stick is moulded on the TV’s port by an HDMI Extender. The Extender helps in boosting the network connectivity and remote’s performance. A device without the HDMI Extender will therefore experience connection problems. Thus, it’s always recommendable that you use this extender on your device.

  •  Unhide the Wi-Fi SSID

It’s always good to know the Wi-Fi network you connect your device to. On hiding the Wi-Fi SSID, the network will not be listed on the available networks. There is thus need to unhide the network.

One can otherwise connect to the hidden network. To connect to the hidden network, select the network and select ‘join other network’. The next step is to enter the SSID of the network and its security type. By tapping ‘play’, the device gets connected.

f) Restoring the fire stick to factory setting

Even after trying all the discussed methods above, the fire stick may still fail to connect to the network. The last way to fix the problem now will be doing a factory reset. All data in the device will be deleted, whether downloaded or fed to the device. The device is now set up as it now appears as a new one.

Frequently asked questions on the Amazon fire stick:

  • What does an Amazon fire stick do?

It is a wireless media player that allows one to stream videos from your device. It may be videos from YouTube, Netflix, or other service providing channels. One can as well use apps like Plex to stream videos to your device and watch them indoors. The fire stick enhances an excellent operation of your smart TV or even the non-smart one.

The fire stick is economical in that it offers a number of channels on a one-time payment. One does not incur any more charges on the channels as they are offered free. To watch videos from Netflix, for instance, one can fix the HDMI input port to their device.

  • What Fire Stick movies can I watch?

By subscribing to various fire stick channels, one can always watch all kinds of movies. These channels are commonly available and one can watch from. You can as well download apps that one can stream videos of their interest from. There are a number of these apps and a good example is the Plex app.


These problems are minor and common on the fire TV stick. One should not get stressed over the problems. Practicing the discussed tips will keep your device connected. On a strong network connection, one will enjoy a simultaneous streaming and browsing.

However, one should not wait until the problems start displaying. On application of the above ways, the fire stick should at least connect to the network. If however your problem still persists, it’s advisable to search for support. Amazon Device Support offers more guidelines in case of an unknown problem. On can opt to replace the device from the place they acquire it.

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